Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

HBYC wishes all members and readers a very good Christmas, and safe time over this festive season. We think also of our cruising members in remote places - Rod and Mary in Tobago, Jeremy and Yvonne (Argentina? - where are they going next?!), Thomas and Johness (also across the pond but I cant think where).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Cape South-Easter

Acknowledgements to - an excellent weather site in South Africa. This article explains the mechanics of the Cape South Easter, of particular interest to yachtsmen, especially in Hout Bay! An especially interesting part is the relationship between the inversion layer and the surface windspeed – due to the funnelling effect this causes – where windspeeds can dramatically exceed forecast levels. A link to this site exists on the website of the Hout Bay Yacht Club.

Click here to read about the Cape South Easter

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beautiful Wednesday

After the havoc of the weekend - we had a fantastic today today. 25C, clear skies, flat seas, and 12kts SW. Did I mention a public holiday as well !  Several boats away - we hd five on the water for a 3pm race. Thanks to Megafreight, Irish Mist, Quest (thats me), Savannah, and Umande - which all raced, and finished in that order. Just good pleasant fun! No complaints. I know that the crew Megafreight spent the whole day out in the sun - starting on the beach etc - and also that Irish  Mist and friends spent the day crayfishing at Kommetjie before. The village is full of braai smells tonight! How perfect!

And good luck to our president Dudley Turner who sold Ragtime this afternoon - hope he is back on the water soon!

We will race again in Jan - have some good fun sailing until then. . . .

Monday, December 14, 2009

HBYC Marina gets its turn . . .

After Algoa Bay Yacht Club, and Kalk Bay harbour recently got thrashed in violent windstorms, now it seems Hout Bay had a turn. Thank heavens for the recent marina maintenance programme, and the efforts of our brave liveaboards - Steve Clarke-Gray, and Peter Jacops, as well as the NSRI crew who were about. In the circumstances, the marina survived quite well despite losing a few floats - it never let go. Almost all damage was cased by the strong winds that lashed Cape Town - and the chafing of mooring lines . . . .

I believe that the large cats recorded over 95 knots in the harbour last night.

Again the main lesson has been tying up the boats. One just cannot be too careful, and lines should be doubled wherever possible. The case of Jabula - an Holiday 34 - is incredible. She has laid through many storms on the same part of the marina without damage. Take a good look at how she is tied . . .  . and touch wood . . . .

Global Warming anyone?

Ana holds a temporary seal agains the transom of this cat while the water is drained . .

The outer walkway listing significantly.

Keep a good eye on Windguru and have lots of spare rope available. Your boat deserves new mooring lines for Christmas . . .  .

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Friday Night Draw now R4800!

No winner last week (due to the soccer thing)

Please be reminded that the draw for the 32" flat screen TV will take place immediately after the member's draw.
Kind donations by local restaurants Casareccio and others will ensure the club raffle will be well supported, so be sure not to miss out and arrive promptly!
The Friday Night Team!

Monday, December 7, 2009

HBYC Angels

Can you believe it - HBYC is now a motorcycle club! HBYC Angels or what? See the pics below - submitted by Dick and Janet - during one of Cape Towns famous events - the annual Toy Run. Did you know that Jendo and co, Dave Mills, Alan Harrington, Pat and a bunch more - even Rian are bikers? plus a bunch more? Turns out half the club are motorcycle nuts as well. Which is fine. Except now the webmaster will have to upgrade his 125 to stay in the pack!  Perhaps if I get a smaller rear sprocket . . .  Enjoy the pics!

Friday Night Draw!

Dear Members

Due to the FIFA draw this past Friday, the popular decision on the night was to hold over the T.V. draw to this Friday, which along with the rolled-over club draw which now stands at R4, 800 makes it a night worth attending.
Added to this are a number of prizes, including meal vouchers from both the popular “Casareccio” and “Deli-Delish” restaurants. See you at your club!

Friday Night Crew.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hout Bay Vineyards Open Day 28 November 2009

On recommendation from the webmaster - an event not to be missed! Peter and Cathy have this annual event at their home/estate above Grotto Way. Hout Bay's own prestigious winery! My personal favourite is their Cap Sec bubbly which is outstanding - but all their range is fantastic. Click here for more info! 
(I would also mention Peter and Cathy have offered some of this great produce as prizes for the club champs)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CROCS Summer Regatta at RCYC

Format similar to previous years with flexibility to try to set better racing courses, loads of entertainment and “freebies” all details on our website or at Reception.
Great CROCS prizes.
Regards, Ron Keytel, Sailing Office, Royal Cape Yacht Club
Tel 021 421 1354 Fax 021 421 6028 Mobile 084 450 8450
E-Mail: Website:

Great Sailing Pics (2)

Ben Ainslie with the JP Morgan Extreme 40 sailing team sail the Extreme 40 catamaran on the River Thames to celebrate Ben Ainslie's triple Olympic gold medal success on September 5, 2008 in London, England.

Great Sailing Pics (1)

The 100-strong fleet sail past the historic three-masted clipper "James Craig" after the start of the annual 628 nautical mile Sydney Hobart Yacht Race on December 26, 2008.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wed night sailing cancelled tonight 18 Nov

 . . . due to 40+ kts of South Easter ripping across the bay, forecast to increase by this evening. Come down to the club anyway and enjoy the pub anyway . . . .

UPDATE: Wind is now at 60kts or more in the marina at 20:00. Complete mayhem. Deep Blue Guard Hut is horizontal. Marina entrance portal has lost its roof. Wild spray right over the North and South moles. Yachts are heeling violently and the walkways are snaking around all over the show. Fortunately the swell is moderate as the wind has not gone East yet. Advise all boat owners to check for damage soon.

This poachers dinghy came adrift and washed up in the middle of the beach. Lifejackets courtesy of FV Alistair!

Guard hut blown over, roof of marina entrance has sprung a small leak I think.

Another guard hut went over. Actually a more comfortable angle for a bunk . . .

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Fun Race

Congrats to Megafreight and Irish Mist who were the only boats to finish as the wind died. It was great to see eight boats on the water for this one!
Race 1 Start Time 14-Nov-09 15:00:00 Race Officer: Mark Hainsworth
Coarse o-s-o-s-f Distance 9.57 nm
Wind WSW Speed 8
Sea 2.5m SW swell
Irish Mist Peter Roeloffze 0.955 0.963 1 14-Nov-09 16:15:49 1.000 4183 7.57
Megafreight Jeremy Nel 1.090 1.000 2 14-Nov-09 16:07:23 2.000 4407 8.52
Savannah Keith Geffen 0.910 0.886 3 14-Nov-09 DNF DNF 9.000 0.00
Shosholoza Dick de Kroon 0.925 0.966 4 14-Nov-09 DNF DNF 9.000 0.00
Quest Justin Phillips 0.840 0.921 5 14-Nov-09 DNF DNF 9.000 0.00
Nandi Nick Fairley 1.005 0.936 6 14-Nov-09 DNF DNF 9.000 0.00
Umanda Charles Howell 0.850 0.946 7 14-Nov-09 DNF DNF 9.000 0.00
Faraway Chris Sutton 1.130 0.930 8 14-Nov-09 DNF DNF 9.000 0.00

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday Night Draw now R4400!



Algoa Bay Yacht Club closed for now

Algoa Bay Yacht Club is in a bad state after the hurricane about 2 weeks ago.
Please guys, this is serious - they are still receiving yachts from clubs who have not informed their members that ABYC is closed. There are no moorings and they have to raft against fishing boats. These boats start fishing next week and there will be chaos. Please bypass ABYC to either St Francis or East London who have really lovely moorings/clubs.
Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Regards, Dee
Algoa Bay Yacht Club
041 5854058

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wed night Sailing cancelled tonight (11 Nov)

Strong N/Wester, rain, and big seas. Yugh.
We will schedule a fun race for Saturday at 15:00. See you then!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Synoptic Chart is back!

SA Weather cunningly hid their best product from all and sundry. Chris found it and now it is back on the weather site, complete with 4 most unusual winter "lows" all around us . . . .

New Google Group for HBYC keelboat sailors

We have created a Google Group (email dist list) for the keelboat sailors. This will be used to advise race times, changes etc etc. If are already receiving these emails you will have been added to this group automatically and will receive an email invite to "accept membership". If you are not on the list, but would like to join, send an email to

Wanted 2nd hand, Furuno Navigator GPS, also 12 volt Mini Hookah.

WANTED 2ND HAND, Furuno Navigator GPS, also 12 volt Mini Hookah. This is a miniature diaphragm compressor with reg and hose for shallow diving, eg anode replacement.
Tony Beks, sv Ragin Cajun. Hout Bay. 0791 500 990
See "Boat Jumble" on the Site Map for this and other sale items.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

HBYC Club Champs Regatta Postponed

The regatta originaly scheduled for 7,8 Nov is postponed until further notice due to 40kt Northwesterly winds sweeping the bay. A new date will be advised soon. Thanks to those who put a lot of effort into this so far. Watch this space!

The pic below was taken on Sat 7/11 at 15:00 showing spray lifted off the swells on Hout Bay Beach.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday Night Draw now R4300!

FROM 19H00. PRIZE NOW R4 300 - Be there to qualify!
Thanks to the following sponsors for prizes last week.

Latest Sailing results (Wed 4 Nov)


Yacht Skipper PHRF Handicap Skipper Position Finish Time Points Corrected Knots Speed

Shosholoza Dick de Kroon 0.925 0.958 1 18:56:07 1.000 2983 9.73
Irish Mist Peter Roeloffze 0.955 0.966 2 18:56:43 2.000 3139 9.63
Aquamania Tojan Winterbach 1.000 0.961 3 18:55:00 3.000 3170 9.93
Megafreight Jendo Ocenasek 1.090 0.928 4 18:53:08 4.000 3226 10.28
Quest Justin Phillips 0.840 0.922 5 19:10:11 5.000 3262 7.78
Faraway Chris Sutton 1.130 0.938 6 18:52:21 6.000 3329 10.43
Enigma James Beaumont 1.170 0.892 7 18:54:48 7.000 3430 9.96
Umunga Charles Howell 0.850 1.000 8 19:20:00 8.000 4080 6.83
Savannah Keith Geffen 0.910 0.929 9 19:22:28 9.000 4184 6.62
Ragtime Dudley Turner 1.000 0.926 10 DNS DNS 16.000 0.00

Friday, October 30, 2009

HBYC Club Champs - Programme for 6,7,8 Nov!

Just to remind you of the club champs sheduled for 7,8 November - thats next weekend! We have ten HBYC entries already, in a weekend of great sailing in Hout Bay. A number of fun activities are scheduled - see below. Mark your diaries now! Any further sailboat entries most welcome - lets have the two Miuras out, and a Sadler or two? Anyone can sail . . ..

Friday 6th
From 19:00 - the Friday night draw, with a difference! Jeremy and Pierre will suprise you with a little betting event . . . .
Galley open as usual
Saturday 7th
10:30 Racing starts. We will try and get 3 races in on the Saturday.
Race officer - Tom Ambrose
Mark laying - Jeremy / Keith
Race photography - Carel
Artillery - watch this space / your heads too . . .. !!
19:00 (Sat night at the club)
Disco at the club house
Galley open with P&A's famous new menu!
Videos or slides of the days racing
General merriment . . . .
Sunday 8th
10:30 Racing Starts - probably a medium distance race
16:00 09er race - Skipper or nominated reps from each boat will contest a short course on 09ers in the Marina, for spectator pleasure, and charity . . . . Water bombs will be available. Cameras and videos would be useful if you want catch that moment of Jendo swimming in the harbour . . . . for example . . . .
18:00 Prizegiving MC'ed by Jeremy, for the prestigious HBYC Club Championships trophy - not awarded since 2004. Plus a few other noble awards . . . More photos, Galley open!
(Thanks to Peter R for sponsoring great wine prizes for the event!! - Peter and Cathy make some seriously good wine and bubbly!!)
Its quite a full weekend - miss it at you peril! Keep an eye on the website for up-to-date notices and details.
And many thanks to many people who have helped and offered to help with this thing - including Chris, Jeremy, Pierre, Tom, Rian, Nick, Peter R, Robin, Peter A, Carel, Keith, and others . . .
Regards Justin

Sunday Breakfast

Hi all,
This Sunday is our monthly breakfast. Homemade organic muesli, organic eggs from our chickens, pork sausages and bacon await you from 0830hrs. to 1130hrs.

Sunday promises to be a glorious day with a slight breeze. So come and sit on the deck and watch the world go by as you enjoy a scrumptious breakfast.
Pete & Anthea


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday Night Draw now R4200!

Frday Night Draw - from 19:00

 Be there to qualify!

 No winner last week  - Neville van der Westhuizen was drawn, but not present!
 Galley open as usual.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Latest Race results (Wed 28/10)

Posted on the Sailing Noticeboard.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SPECIAL: Wed fireside tale - Wed 28 October

Jerry Rogers has a love for rivers, canoeing and beer – not necessarily in that order. His wife, Evon, for historical buildings given her strong architectural background among other things.

Combine this all together in a colourful South American montage and you have an adventure of a lifetime criss-crossing the Amazon River meeting its people, its pubs, its ruins, mountains and lakes.

Catching an alligator barehanded, fishing at night time with torch and trident, a collection of the strangest characters with links to major universities who cannot escape the lure of the jungle and the mysterious involvement of the Israeli military intelligence wing, Mossad.

This all makes for rollicking story telling.

Come and relive Jerry and Evon’s epic Peruvian adventure at the Hout Bay Yacht Club this Wednesday, November 28 at 19h30.

Pictures and story by Jerry and Evon – now two genuine Peruvian Indians.

Pub and grub available throughout.

New Sections Added

The "Boat Jumble" pages have been reinstated. Use these to buy and sell boat gear on the website. Free for members. Sell that old anchor, boat or GPS now!

The "Radio Pages" have been replaced and expanded.

More "Weather" sites listed.

Have fun!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

CAUTION: TV Screenings of the Intasure Spring Regatta

As DSTV are notorious for changing these schedules without warning, the following guide is not reliable. They have already missed the first screening without notice. Apologies to all concerned.

See Megafreight, Nandi and even Quest live on TV during the 2009 Intasure Spring Regatta in False Bay.

Times are as follows:

Wed 28 October @ 19:00 on SS5
Thursday 29 October @ 14:30 CSN, SS2
Friday 30 October @ 10:00 CSN, SS1
Saturday 31 October @ 07:00 CSN, SS1
Sunday 1 November @ 14:00 SS5
Tuesday 3 November @ 19:30 SS6

Featured Sites

Make these your daily reads!

Duckworks is a great online magazine for boaties of all kinds.

Roy's Blog is updated daily with all kinds of interesting things about boats, classic cars, and tons of other stuff.

Sheer Tenacity is the blog of Rod and Mary Turner-Smith - voyaging on their beautiful Shearwater 39. Now in Brazil. A great read.

Roy's Articles in Duckworks Magazine

To have a hard Dinghy
Do Yachts have to be so Expensive?
The Optimist Dinghy
Astra's Story (1)
Astra's Story (2)
Sofala, a Big Little Ship
Flicka 20 - Sailboat Story
Oil Changes
Birdsmouth and other Masts and Spars
Things of a Traditional Nature
Designing your own boat!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Win a 32" Flat Screen TV! Friday night draw now at R4100!

Dear Member
As part of our ongoing effort to upgrade our Club, we are embarking on a lucky draw for a chance to win a 32” Flat Screen TV – see specifications attached. The idea being that only 150 tickets will be issued at a cost of R100 each. This will afford us the opportunity to buy a similar 42” TV for the Club in order to improve your viewing of sporting events and other Club presentations.

Kindly support us and purchase your tickets from the bar. The draw will only take place once all 150 tickets are sold, using 'The Friday Night Draw' format, on a Friday night to be announced. Please note however that your attendance in this instance is not compulsory to qualify as a winner - the first number drawn will be declared the winner.

We are pleased to report that our 'Furniture Fund' has risen to R8000! - thanks to your and the various sponsors kind support on Fridays.

Note the Friday night draw is now at R4000! Be there!


The Friday Night Crew

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21 - Wed night sailing

Wed night sailing has been cancelled today due to the strong South Easter gusting 30-40 knots in the bay. Bar and Galley still open . .. .


Jib Sheet May 2010
Jib Sheet October 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

HBYC Club Champs

Details of the coming HBYC Club Champs Regatta are posted on the "Sailing Noticeboard" - including Entries and the Notice of Race.

Latest Sailing results posted

Sailing results are posted after each race on the "Sailing Noticeboard" - listed in the Site map. Click on this to see results of last Wednesday night race.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Roys Corner
Roys Blog
CKD Boats

Yacht Clubs
Royal Cape Yacht Club
Gordons Bay Yacht Club
False Bay Yacht Club
Saldanha Bay Yacht Club
Langebaan Yacht Club
Port Owen Yacht Club
Knysna Yacht Club
Buffalo River Yacht Club

Maritime Bodies
Ocean Cruising Club (OCC)
Int. Maritime Organisation (IMO)

Dudley Dix
Angelo Lavranos
van der Stadt Design
Nigel Irens
Ted Brewer
Simonis Voogd
Dave Gerr
Robert Perry


The Galley is currently being updated, and more details will follow soon. Meanwhile we have a great service from local caterers, and special catering for events. Watch this space!

Admiral's Regatta 2014

Race Information - Admirals Regatta 2014

PDF Downloads:
Admirals 2014 NOR
Admirals 2014 Poster
Admirals 2014 Crew List
Admirals 2014 Entry Form

Please email entries to the Race Secretary at


History of the Admiral's Regatta

This prestigious 'traditional' annual event is now in its twenty third year (started 1991). It started in the days of sporting isolation and with just a little jibe at another well known regatta. One might be censured for speaking of tradition, which generally looks back on centuries but one cannot ignore the makings of this piece of Cape Town's history.

The Story behind a Republic, an Admiral and a Sword.

When the Round Table organization of Hout Bay decided on a major fundraiser in 1986 - with the idea to proclaim Hout Bay a "Republic" - the idea was daring and promised multiple media exposure, thus the "Republic of Hout Bay" was unilaterally declared and a President elected.
Minister portfolio's' were up for sale as the main source for the fund raiser and a well known businessman in Hout Bay, with his ownership of a genuine minesweeper purchased from the navy, became Minister of Defence and thus he instantly became known as the 'Admiral'.
In 1991 the 'Admiral' agreed to sponsor a regatta to be sailed over a long weekend in the waters of the South Atlantic off Hout Bay. This was the birth of the Admirals Regatta and has been sailed ever since during March or April. A replica has since replaced the floating trophy (a genuine Admiral's Sword) but the spirit lives on amongst all at the southern most yacht club in Africa.

Visiting Yachts

HBYC welcomes visiting yachts, and frequently enjoys visitors from all parts of the globe. Hout Bay is a spectacularly scenic bay, with great facilities, beaches, shops etc. The marina is well serviced, affordable, and safe. It is an excellent stopover whether you are circumnavigating or simply cruising the Cape Coastline. We now also have a state-of-the-art wireless hotspot as well hosted by RedButton, allowing broadband internet access from the comfort of your boat!

Hout Bay contains many good restaurants and shops within easy walking distance, and is an easy 30 minute drive from central Cape Town.

The newly-opened Hout Bay boatyard has a new travel-lift capable of lifting large yachts.

Formalities for International Yachts arriving:
Yachts must check in and out with Customs, Immigration and Port Captain in each port. The Skipper must report to the Customs Office within 24 hours of arrival. Customs are at the main gate and Immigration office is in Room 535, 5th Floor, Customs & Excise Building, (outside the Adderly Street Customs Gate) Adderly Str. Cape Town.

All yachts must sign their craft in and out in the yacht club register at the Marina.

When departing from South Africa for a foreign destination skippers must clear with the following;
The yacht club, where they will receive a clearance certificate.
Immigration ( as above)
The Harbour Revenue Office, Ben Schoeman Dock
And finally at Customs at the main gate where the yacht club clearance certificate is required.

Link to Noonsite for info on Hout Bay:

Approach and Radio

Hout Bay Harbour entrance is at S34 03.070 E18 20.983.


Hout Bay Harbour does not maintain a dedicated radio watch. HBYC Marina Manager may possibly be contactable on CH-71 (Call sign Hout Bay Marina). If in need of advice on your approach or similar - it may be possible to contact yachts in the marina for advice - try calling "Yachts in Hout Bay Marina".

A safe approach at night or in mist should proceed via the following waypoints: HB-3 (entrance to the bay) at S34 04.106 E18 21.016 HB-2 (centre of the bay) at S34 03.207 E18 21.332 HB-1 (port turn to harbour approach) S34 02.973 E18 21.198 HBentrance (harbour entrance) at S34 03.070 E18 20.983

Notes: Vessels approaching from the North should give the mainland a wide berth past "Oude Schip" due to many submerged rocks in that area. All Vessels should note the presence of Vulcan Rock, a large semi-submerged rock in the Northern approach, which can not always be seen. Vulcan is located at S34 03.967 E18 18.582 Vessels approaching from the South should give Kommetjie a wide berth due to large waves in that area at times.

On Arrival Proceed to mooring as arranged with Marina Manager (see Marina page). If in doubt about mooring number, tie up in vacant berth on the South Side of the Southern Walk-on jetty and contact marina manager at earliest opportunity. Hout Bay does not have an emergency buoy for tying up on.


HBYC Marina is arguably the nicest marina in the Cape - with great facilities, fantastic scenery, and offers great value. It is a great stopover venue for cruisers, and a great place to keep a boat - either for cruising or racing. HBYC Marina can accommodate yachts up to 54' LOA.

Walk-on moorings include 220v shore power, good clean fresh water and refuse removal. Security is generally very good, and the marina is always a happy place!
Since the recent extension of the Northern Mole, harbour conditions are again very favourable in all weather conditions, at all mooring locations.
The Marina Manager is Alan Batley. The Marina office phone number is 021 790 7095 and Alan's cell number is 082 337 2208.

(click to enlarge)


History of the Hout Bay Yacht Club

The Hout Bay Yacht Club was founded in 1978 as a keelboat club. By most club standards we are still in an embryo stage. The battle to get started was not an easy one.
Primarily, Hout Bay is a fishing harbour and it was then a challenge to get sufficient permissions from the relevant authorities. In those days the only mooring facilities offered were 15 trot-moorings - off the beach - but when the wind howled down the Bay, yachts moored on the lee shore had a nasty habit of bumping into Mother Africa.

The beach-sailing section for cats and dinghies formed the core of the club and kept the club alive - until ultimately in 1984 HBYC were allowed to develop a splendid Marina with 114 walk-on moorings in the Hout Bay Harbour itself. This provided much needed sheltered mooring facilities for keelboats. The rest is history, and as a true yacht club - membership increased dramatically.

The Marina was extended in 1989/90 and can now accommodate yachts up to 15,5m (54 ft) in length. A small clubhouse was built in 1978 with extensions built in 1986 to accommodate the growing membership. To move closer to the harbour area & our marina had long been our goal and after 10 years protracted negotiations with the relevant authorities, we secured a long-term lease with permission to build a clubhouse on our boatyard site. With the opening of our new club house in Feb 2002, we bid a sad farewell to our old clubhouse which had seen so many changes throughout the past 23 years. From our new premises our members enjoy splendid views of the bay and of the marina which is only a short walk down the pier.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fees and Rentals

Fees and Rentals 2015


During summer, racing is held almost every Wednesday night at 18:00. Sailors will then meet at the clubhouse for an informal prizegiving, and to enjoy the excellent food served in the Galley. Some will even have a beer or two. During winter, racing is held 2 - 3 weekends a month on weekends, often followed by a braai on the clubhouse deck. Typically, a fleet of 6 - 9 boats will appear for a race in the bay - and racing is competitive and well managed - but also informal and conducted in an excellent spirit. Newcomers are very welcome, and all kinds of boats are encouraged to sail. The racing fleet includes some competive boats like Fast-42s, Farr-40s, Simonis-35, but also RCODs, L26s, Flamencas etc. A number of cruisng boats have also participated. We have been fortunate to have a dedicated bridge officer in recent years who has contributed greatly to the race organisation.

Admiral's Regatta
This is hosted by HBYC in March or April each year. This is a premium regatta and part of the Cape sailing circuit. Commonly, this will attract a fleet of 30 boats or so, and is held over three days. recently this has become a cornerstone of the prestigious Cate Town Sailing Week.

Waterfront-and-Back Rally
This is a very popular cruising rally to Cape Town and back, usually with an overnight party in the V&A Marina in Cape Town. To date this event has drawn 20-30 Hout Bay entries, and involves mostly cruising yachts. Further events of this nature are contemplated to accommodate the cruising fraternity.

HBYC Club Champs
This is a 2-day regatta hotly contested by HBYCs own fleet. It is sailed in the fresh winds and flat waters off Noordhoek Beach.

HBYC Race Marks
Dunes S34 02.906 E18 21.123
Ore Jetty S34 03.120 E18 21.550
Chappies S34 04.106 E18 21.438
Fish on the Rocks S34 03.330 E18 20.990

For any further information on HBYC Sailing please contact the Rear Commodore Sailing - listed on the Committee Page.


Updated 8 April 2013

Dudley Turner
082 459 9503
Keith Gemmell
021 790 3862    082 781 6078
Vice Commodore
Sam Leggatt
072 788 2668
Rob Browne
021 790 1559     083 284 5666
Rear Commodore Keelboats
Mark Hainsworth
021 438 3085     082 464 7014
Marina Officer
Charles Moody
021 674 1763     082 468 4198
Social Officer
Penny Geyser
021 790 2261     073 611 1444
RC Beach Sailing (Youth Sailing)
Richard Evans
021 790 1040     084 719 6427
Safety Officer
Previous Commodore
Chris Sutton

HBYC Crew 2012/13
Marina and Club Services Manager
Alan Batley   
Tel 021 790 3110
Club Secretary
Anne Scarpa
Tel 021 790 3110

Weather Reports

Links originally posted in 2009. The weather of course, remains current.

1st Weather
Grib US
SA Weather
South Easter
Synoptic Chart
Tides (Cape Town)
Windfinder (Slangkop)


Club Safety Policy

HBYC is committed to uphold and promote proper safety standards amongst yachtsmen. This is a key role of a yachtclub, but it is also a "Licence to Operate" as a club. Safety culture is not just about going to sea - it relates to all aspects of daily life, and the club is conscious of safety in all aspects of its operations. We also provide valuable input to SAS/SAMSA on sailing and safety regulations - with yachtsmen's interests in mind.

For vessels > 9m, three main requirements:
1. Each Skipper must be hold a suitable SAS recognised skippers qualification, appropriate for the voyage.
2. All vessels in HBYC Marina MUST hold a valid Certificate of Fitness (renewed annually)
3. All vessels leaving the harbour MUST sign out (and in) - in the register at the Marina Gate.

Note for Vessels < 9m - must comply with safety requirements appropriate for their voyage per Cat A,B,C,D, but are not required to hold a COF. Vessels < 9m do not require a licensed skipper. Vessels < 9m must sign in/out of the marina as above.

The club attitude to these safety regulations is very much based on "assist and educate", and you will find our safety officers very cooperative and helpful. However the club's safety standards are not negotiable. The club and the marina committee is committed to full enforcement of the SAMSA legislated safety standards.

We appeal to all yachtsmen to cooperate fully in this regard as the operation of the entire club is at risk otherwise, not to mention your own safety. For further information, please contact the Club Safety Officer or the Club Commodore (see Committee Link on the HomePage).

HBYC COF Procedure

HBYC Declaration
Safety Checklists for Sail and Power (link to SAS Website here)

Join Hout Bay Yacht Club!

People join HBYC for many different reasons! Some are competitive yachtsmen who live for the racing aspect, others are weekend sailors and cruisers, and many join simply for the social aspect. HBYC is a nice venue to meet many different people from Hout Bay. The member's bar is a pleasant environment and represents excellent value for members.

The Galley is open on busy nights, and serves a good variety of food at excellent prices. See the noticeboard for current opening times.
For yachstmen, HBYC represents the perfect balance of competitive vs social sailing. The sailing fraternity is enthusiastic and also very friendly. Focus is very much on participation. The harbour is small and it takes only a few seconds to get out into the bay - which is spectacularly scenic and pleasant. During the summer months, the prevailing South-Easter flattens the sea making for exciting sailing in the fresh winds. During winter, the North-Westers are also off-shore for most of the bay which makes great inshore racing. And yet the South-Wester is the steadiest wind in the bay, especially during summer when the sea is usually very flat.

HBYC Marina offers great value as a place to keep your boat. We do not have expensive insurance fees, and rentals are reasonable. Mooring prices in the marina range from around R40k to R100k, and all are safe and satisfactory. Very good value all round as a place to keep your boat!
To join the club, please contact the Club Office.

HBYC Contact Details

Physical: Hout Bay Harbour, Cape Town, South Africa
Postal: P.O. Box 26173, Hout Bay 7872, South Africa
Phone +27-21-790-3110
Fax +27-21-790-2585


Club Account:Standard Bank Constantia
Branch code 025309
Account 271601574
For Club Subscriptions, Regatta Fees, SAS Levies

Marina Account:
Standard Bank Constantia
Account No 063038331 Code 025309.
For Marina Rentals, Mooring Purchases