Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Approach and Radio

Hout Bay Harbour entrance is at S34 03.070 E18 20.983.


Hout Bay Harbour does not maintain a dedicated radio watch. HBYC Marina Manager may possibly be contactable on CH-71 (Call sign Hout Bay Marina). If in need of advice on your approach or similar - it may be possible to contact yachts in the marina for advice - try calling "Yachts in Hout Bay Marina".

A safe approach at night or in mist should proceed via the following waypoints: HB-3 (entrance to the bay) at S34 04.106 E18 21.016 HB-2 (centre of the bay) at S34 03.207 E18 21.332 HB-1 (port turn to harbour approach) S34 02.973 E18 21.198 HBentrance (harbour entrance) at S34 03.070 E18 20.983

Notes: Vessels approaching from the North should give the mainland a wide berth past "Oude Schip" due to many submerged rocks in that area. All Vessels should note the presence of Vulcan Rock, a large semi-submerged rock in the Northern approach, which can not always be seen. Vulcan is located at S34 03.967 E18 18.582 Vessels approaching from the South should give Kommetjie a wide berth due to large waves in that area at times.

On Arrival Proceed to mooring as arranged with Marina Manager (see Marina page). If in doubt about mooring number, tie up in vacant berth on the South Side of the Southern Walk-on jetty and contact marina manager at earliest opportunity. Hout Bay does not have an emergency buoy for tying up on.