Monday, October 12, 2009


Club Safety Policy

HBYC is committed to uphold and promote proper safety standards amongst yachtsmen. This is a key role of a yachtclub, but it is also a "Licence to Operate" as a club. Safety culture is not just about going to sea - it relates to all aspects of daily life, and the club is conscious of safety in all aspects of its operations. We also provide valuable input to SAS/SAMSA on sailing and safety regulations - with yachtsmen's interests in mind.

For vessels > 9m, three main requirements:
1. Each Skipper must be hold a suitable SAS recognised skippers qualification, appropriate for the voyage.
2. All vessels in HBYC Marina MUST hold a valid Certificate of Fitness (renewed annually)
3. All vessels leaving the harbour MUST sign out (and in) - in the register at the Marina Gate.

Note for Vessels < 9m - must comply with safety requirements appropriate for their voyage per Cat A,B,C,D, but are not required to hold a COF. Vessels < 9m do not require a licensed skipper. Vessels < 9m must sign in/out of the marina as above.

The club attitude to these safety regulations is very much based on "assist and educate", and you will find our safety officers very cooperative and helpful. However the club's safety standards are not negotiable. The club and the marina committee is committed to full enforcement of the SAMSA legislated safety standards.

We appeal to all yachtsmen to cooperate fully in this regard as the operation of the entire club is at risk otherwise, not to mention your own safety. For further information, please contact the Club Safety Officer or the Club Commodore (see Committee Link on the HomePage).

HBYC COF Procedure

HBYC Declaration
Safety Checklists for Sail and Power (link to SAS Website here)