Monday, October 12, 2009


During summer, racing is held almost every Wednesday night at 18:00. Sailors will then meet at the clubhouse for an informal prizegiving, and to enjoy the excellent food served in the Galley. Some will even have a beer or two. During winter, racing is held 2 - 3 weekends a month on weekends, often followed by a braai on the clubhouse deck. Typically, a fleet of 6 - 9 boats will appear for a race in the bay - and racing is competitive and well managed - but also informal and conducted in an excellent spirit. Newcomers are very welcome, and all kinds of boats are encouraged to sail. The racing fleet includes some competive boats like Fast-42s, Farr-40s, Simonis-35, but also RCODs, L26s, Flamencas etc. A number of cruisng boats have also participated. We have been fortunate to have a dedicated bridge officer in recent years who has contributed greatly to the race organisation.

Admiral's Regatta
This is hosted by HBYC in March or April each year. This is a premium regatta and part of the Cape sailing circuit. Commonly, this will attract a fleet of 30 boats or so, and is held over three days. recently this has become a cornerstone of the prestigious Cate Town Sailing Week.

Waterfront-and-Back Rally
This is a very popular cruising rally to Cape Town and back, usually with an overnight party in the V&A Marina in Cape Town. To date this event has drawn 20-30 Hout Bay entries, and involves mostly cruising yachts. Further events of this nature are contemplated to accommodate the cruising fraternity.

HBYC Club Champs
This is a 2-day regatta hotly contested by HBYCs own fleet. It is sailed in the fresh winds and flat waters off Noordhoek Beach.

HBYC Race Marks
Dunes S34 02.906 E18 21.123
Ore Jetty S34 03.120 E18 21.550
Chappies S34 04.106 E18 21.438
Fish on the Rocks S34 03.330 E18 20.990

For any further information on HBYC Sailing please contact the Rear Commodore Sailing - listed on the Committee Page.