Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SPECIAL: Wed fireside tale - Wed 28 October

Jerry Rogers has a love for rivers, canoeing and beer – not necessarily in that order. His wife, Evon, for historical buildings given her strong architectural background among other things.

Combine this all together in a colourful South American montage and you have an adventure of a lifetime criss-crossing the Amazon River meeting its people, its pubs, its ruins, mountains and lakes.

Catching an alligator barehanded, fishing at night time with torch and trident, a collection of the strangest characters with links to major universities who cannot escape the lure of the jungle and the mysterious involvement of the Israeli military intelligence wing, Mossad.

This all makes for rollicking story telling.

Come and relive Jerry and Evon’s epic Peruvian adventure at the Hout Bay Yacht Club this Wednesday, November 28 at 19h30.

Pictures and story by Jerry and Evon – now two genuine Peruvian Indians.

Pub and grub available throughout.