Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wed night sailing cancelled tonight 18 Nov

 . . . due to 40+ kts of South Easter ripping across the bay, forecast to increase by this evening. Come down to the club anyway and enjoy the pub anyway . . . .

UPDATE: Wind is now at 60kts or more in the marina at 20:00. Complete mayhem. Deep Blue Guard Hut is horizontal. Marina entrance portal has lost its roof. Wild spray right over the North and South moles. Yachts are heeling violently and the walkways are snaking around all over the show. Fortunately the swell is moderate as the wind has not gone East yet. Advise all boat owners to check for damage soon.

This poachers dinghy came adrift and washed up in the middle of the beach. Lifejackets courtesy of FV Alistair!

Guard hut blown over, roof of marina entrance has sprung a small leak I think.

Another guard hut went over. Actually a more comfortable angle for a bunk . . .