Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

HBYC wishes all members and readers a very good Christmas, and safe time over this festive season. We think also of our cruising members in remote places - Rod and Mary in Tobago, Jeremy and Yvonne (Argentina? - where are they going next?!), Thomas and Johness (also across the pond but I cant think where).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Cape South-Easter

Acknowledgements to - an excellent weather site in South Africa. This article explains the mechanics of the Cape South Easter, of particular interest to yachtsmen, especially in Hout Bay! An especially interesting part is the relationship between the inversion layer and the surface windspeed – due to the funnelling effect this causes – where windspeeds can dramatically exceed forecast levels. A link to this site exists on the website of the Hout Bay Yacht Club.

Click here to read about the Cape South Easter

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beautiful Wednesday

After the havoc of the weekend - we had a fantastic today today. 25C, clear skies, flat seas, and 12kts SW. Did I mention a public holiday as well !  Several boats away - we hd five on the water for a 3pm race. Thanks to Megafreight, Irish Mist, Quest (thats me), Savannah, and Umande - which all raced, and finished in that order. Just good pleasant fun! No complaints. I know that the crew Megafreight spent the whole day out in the sun - starting on the beach etc - and also that Irish  Mist and friends spent the day crayfishing at Kommetjie before. The village is full of braai smells tonight! How perfect!

And good luck to our president Dudley Turner who sold Ragtime this afternoon - hope he is back on the water soon!

We will race again in Jan - have some good fun sailing until then. . . .

Monday, December 14, 2009

HBYC Marina gets its turn . . .

After Algoa Bay Yacht Club, and Kalk Bay harbour recently got thrashed in violent windstorms, now it seems Hout Bay had a turn. Thank heavens for the recent marina maintenance programme, and the efforts of our brave liveaboards - Steve Clarke-Gray, and Peter Jacops, as well as the NSRI crew who were about. In the circumstances, the marina survived quite well despite losing a few floats - it never let go. Almost all damage was cased by the strong winds that lashed Cape Town - and the chafing of mooring lines . . . .

I believe that the large cats recorded over 95 knots in the harbour last night.

Again the main lesson has been tying up the boats. One just cannot be too careful, and lines should be doubled wherever possible. The case of Jabula - an Holiday 34 - is incredible. She has laid through many storms on the same part of the marina without damage. Take a good look at how she is tied . . .  . and touch wood . . . .

Global Warming anyone?

Ana holds a temporary seal agains the transom of this cat while the water is drained . .

The outer walkway listing significantly.

Keep a good eye on Windguru and have lots of spare rope available. Your boat deserves new mooring lines for Christmas . . .  .

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Friday Night Draw now R4800!

No winner last week (due to the soccer thing)

Please be reminded that the draw for the 32" flat screen TV will take place immediately after the member's draw.
Kind donations by local restaurants Casareccio and others will ensure the club raffle will be well supported, so be sure not to miss out and arrive promptly!
The Friday Night Team!

Monday, December 7, 2009

HBYC Angels

Can you believe it - HBYC is now a motorcycle club! HBYC Angels or what? See the pics below - submitted by Dick and Janet - during one of Cape Towns famous events - the annual Toy Run. Did you know that Jendo and co, Dave Mills, Alan Harrington, Pat and a bunch more - even Rian are bikers? plus a bunch more? Turns out half the club are motorcycle nuts as well. Which is fine. Except now the webmaster will have to upgrade his 125 to stay in the pack!  Perhaps if I get a smaller rear sprocket . . .  Enjoy the pics!

Friday Night Draw!

Dear Members

Due to the FIFA draw this past Friday, the popular decision on the night was to hold over the T.V. draw to this Friday, which along with the rolled-over club draw which now stands at R4, 800 makes it a night worth attending.
Added to this are a number of prizes, including meal vouchers from both the popular “Casareccio” and “Deli-Delish” restaurants. See you at your club!

Friday Night Crew.