Friday, December 31, 2010

That South Easter . . .

thanks to Peter Jacops for the pic

Now the marina office is missing its roof. Never a dull moment here! Nicky's beused look says it all.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dudley Dix's White Christmas in Virginia Beach!

Dudley is the one on the left!

Can't go out when its like this.

So Dudley does a braai!

Happy New Year Dudley, from your friends in Hout Bay!

Latest news from Rod and Mary, now in Sint Maarten

Click here for their Christmas letter!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Boats of HBYC (2) - the L26

Bandito, L26 from HBYC, enjoying fresh wind in the Admiral's Regatta

Angelo Lavranos designed the L26 in the late 70s, which went on to become the leading competitive keelboat class in South Africa. Below is Angelo's own account of how it came about, so I'll leave that to him. Angelo was a South African (as far as I know - he certainly lived here for many years), before moving on to New Zealand where he now lives. L26s were all built in SA, originally by PSI Yachts in Durban, later by Ton Cup as well. Maybe others too. Despite its age now (30 years) - the "Ls" as they have become known are suprisingly fast - even beating some of our larger racers across the line on occasion! They are particularly fast upwind if they have enough crew and benefit from the relatively high crew-weight/displacement ratio, sitting out on the wide beam. They have a high form stability factor, being beamy and light, but generally low-tech boats, keeping costs down. Despite this, Ls manage very well in heavy weather. Mostly, they have no reefing points in the main - at least in the racing suite! They remain a well managed class, and the class choice for the Lipton Cup. They are now relatively affordable and have made performance sailing accessible to many of the youth and development programmes in SA. Lavranos also desgned many other successful boats (too many to mention!) - see his website at
Notes on the L26 by Angelo Lavranos

5th May, 2007

Back in 1978 I was asked by David Cox to design what became the L26. Dave was one of Durban’s most prominent and influential “movers & shakers” in yachting. He later also initiated and masterminded the L34 Class also. Dave felt that “one Design” was the way to go, and that a large body of yachtsmen were fed up with “chequebook“ yachting and rapid obsolescence endemic with the IOR rule of that time. That sounds a familiar complaint even now. How right they were ! Dave and John Gordon Thompson formed L Boats as the licensee. The first boat afloat “Electron” (small but very very fast!) owned by Johnny went afloat in April 1980. Actually No 001 was for John Sully (a very prominent Transvaal Yachtsman) who was the first “real” buyer. Within 12 months there were 12 afloat, all from PSI Yachts in Durban, and 32 on order. By 1981 Ton Cup Yachts in Cape Town were also licensed to build. By April ’82, 60 were built with another 10 on order. Dave wrote an excellent set of Class Rules right at the outset, and marketed the boat very effectively and relentlessly. Ultimately (within very few years) 84 were built.

When the L26 was conceived the Lipton Cup was “dormant” since the demise of the 30 sqm class. In 1982 it was revived using IOR Quarter Ton Cup Class boats. Within a couple of years that too fizzled. The L26 was chosen only in 1984, when the class was already established and very well distributed amongst all the clubs round the country. Because of this the Lipton Cup was an instant success in the L26 and the event in turn helped maintain interest in the L26.
The design brief given to me was the key to the success of the boat.

1.Simplicity. This essential element of this is the runnerless, swept single spreader rig, robust enough for long life, handling mistakes etc. The IOR rigs of the time used runners, were delicate and obligingly fell down if misused. This was No-No number 1.

2.Rugged, designed to last, no breakages. At Dave’s insistence we stuck to a solid glass structure which is heavier than a sandwich. Dave was worried about ongoing supply of core material as well as the increased cost, consumer resitance etc. By the time the L34 came along he relented on this but in 1978 he probably made the right decision.

3.The boat should be able to handle SA coastal conditions (something most One Designs and sportboats of similar length, especially the lighter more recent ones are less able to do). Because of the L26’s waterplane characteristics and topside configuration she is able to take a person ahead of the mast while doing spinnaker gybes etc in strong winds without broaching or nosediving. The boat handles sweetly through the whole windrange, both upwind and down. When overpressed the helm just gets a little soggy, making her one of the more forgiving and docile boats to sail.

4.She had to be fast and fun to sail. In 2007 she might not bring the same excitement to Adrenalin junkies, but across the board for young and old she strikes a good balance.

5.Moderate cost, a “no frills boat”.

6.Tight Class rules.

7.Capable of “overnight” coastal races and weekending

She fulfilled the brief OK. Many have done coastal passages, and even the Da Gama race from Durban to East London (and back) several times. In the terminal “horror” Da Gama race of ’84 Dick Haliberton in Element was OK but Cape of Good Hope the Navy entry did a 360 roll, and somebody opened the hatch in the process. They flooded and got rescued. Notably Steve Meek even sailed one from Cape Town to East London, doing a 194 mile day in the process.
I designed some “spin off” boats for Dave Cox after the L26’s stopped. We did one with the L26 hull and a cruising deck (more headroom, volume), a shallower keel, cantilever mast called the C26. With the economic recession only two were built. After that another 2 or 3 were built with conventional stayed rig and called the S26. Also the original C-Flex plug with a wood deck using the L26 design (sail no 000) called Origin also did a lot of racing (outside the L26 class.)
The sailors and people involved in the L26 have been a vertiable “whose who” of top Yachties, ALL the sailmakers (most notably Rick Nankin in partnership with Chris King), and a lot of very successful people in other spheres. Lex Raas, who built all the Cape boats is now CEO of Moorings worldwide. His partner in Ton Cup was none other than John Robertson. His (late) partner Jerry Caine built a lot of the Durban boats after Basil Cook at PSI Yachts.

About the South Easter

I've posted this article once before - a year or two back - but it does seem a bit topical just now! I wonder what the poor visiting ARC boats make of it!  It explains the mechanics and nature of the South Easter, courtesy of - hope you find it interesting! Click here for the link.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Boats of Hout Bay Yacht Club (1)

Thanks to Roy for the pic.
Roy McBride is always very obliging in providing material for my ongoing "quest" to fill the club website. I had long thought to do a short series of articles on the various boats in our marina. This pic is of my own boat - a Flamenca 25 aptly called Quest. Flamencas were designed by the late great Oswald Berckemeyer, a german national that lived in SA and in fact Hout Bay for many years. Most were built by the Nebes (Fritz and Gerfried), also of Hout Bay - so truly a local boat. Their big sister (though a fraction younger) is the more famous Muira at 32'. Flamencas are amongst the best learner boats available and very easy to single-hand. They are stable and safe in Cape Waters, and easily capable of righting themselves from a full knockdown. With their relatively small size, they aren't the fastest boats around, but certainly great fun to sail. Most of the fleet lives in False Bay as it happens, but examples are found all over the country, and even a few across the ditch . . . Flamencas can be found from about R40-70k in good condition.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wishes from SV Merlin!

Now in Brisbane. See them here!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Latest Jibsheet! and Merry Christmas to all members!

See the latest Jibsheet here.

Cruising News

Latest from "The Road" - a broken rudder and sea rescue, the delights of Macquarie . . . see HBYC Cruising World.

Merry Christmas from them at Noonsite! Christmas Card

Monday, December 20, 2010

Marinas for Sale - prices updated

See the Boat Jumble section.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Christmas Spirit not over yet it seems!

Yesterday saw the annual Christmas Lunch of the Hout Bay "Business Orphans", held this year at Spiros in Main Road. Quite a cheerful event it was too, culminating with the traditional Greek breaking of plates etc etc. At least I hope they were the traditional ones! The event raises a fair sum for a worthy local charity too.

Give that man a Bells!! Just one more should do it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sail America; To: South African Miura Afficionados

My name is Tony Van Vugt. I own a South African Miura. It is located on the East Coast of the USA. In my travels I sometimes meet South Africans that would like to sail in the US. The East Coast with the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and its many rivers and bays is the preferred sailing area. The Miura is renowned in South Africa as a voyager. There are a dozen or so here in North America. While it is quite capable of doing so, and my Miura did, it’s a bit of a hassle and time consuming to sail a boat from South Africa to the States. I’m therefore offering my Miura for sale in the US so that she can be sailed here for as long as a new owner wants to do so personally or share with friends each taking the boat for separate periods.
I seek your advice as to how best publicize this opportunity among the SA sailing fraternity. I’m thinking about SA sail and boating clubs and, if need be, advertise with nautical publications. I would be glad to have your recommendations. To give potential buyers the opportunity to learn about the boat and east coast cruising areas I’ve put together and published a website. It may be found at: If you like, please have a look at it and let me know if it is clear enough.
Your assistance would be much appreciated.
Anthony Van Vugt
1031 Carper Street
McLean, VA 22101
Tel: 703 734 2727 (Home); 703 508 5377 (Mobile)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Prizegiving

A short prizegiving was held during the Christmas Party, recognising the main achievements of our members during 2010. Briefly, these include:
  • Best performance in the 2010 Opening Cruise (Yacht faraway, with a great display of bunting on the back of the mast!)
  • Most Improved Sailor (Keith Gemmell - Keith is moving Savannah around the course at ever improving times, often singlehanded, and never misses a race if he can help it!)
  • Most Active Sailor (Chris Sutton - our intrepid Commodore!) Say no more.
  • Winter Series 1 Megafreight, 2 Faraway, 3 Savannah, 4 Nandi.
  • Shareholders Award - a new award recognising "exemplary patronage and support of the club bar over a sustained period, far beyond the call of duty, and for associated perseverance and stamina".  A tightly contested award, the clear leaders emerged as Robin Parker and Alan Harrington, in a breathtaking tie. . . .
  • "Beyond the Call of Duty" - Jeremy Nel. The highest award HBYC has, for a member that has made a truly exceptional contribution to the club, in leadership, action and behaviour. The trophy is a priceless brass mercury barometer prominently mounted in the club house. This trophy has not been awarded for several years, but the current committee was unanimous and enthusiastic in awarding it this year to Jeremy Nel, for his outstanding contribution to the club in 2009/10. Major achievements included a total revamp of the club premises (plus the requisite fund raising!), an awesome social calendar including motorcycle breakfast runs, oyster and champagne feasts, Friday night draws, Thursday Fireside tails, three new flat screen TVs, overhaul of the downstairs function room, great assistance in sailing events (mark laying etc), new Lipton campaign for junior sailors, and most recently even running the racing bridge!! Its a fair bit of work just to type this all. Jeremy was however unable to attend this function - taking a well-earned holiday in Zimbabwe - so Pierre Albertyn was asked to receive a token bottle of bubbly on his behalf. A formal thank you will be issued imminently by the Commodore.
 I can say this award was extremely well applauded by all members - and to Jeremy - most sincere thanks from all of us - the club simply wouldn't be anything like it is today without you! Give that man a Bells!

Christmas Party and Prizegiving

HBYC Christmas Party was a very festive affair, with fine food, music and great Christmas Cheer! Many thanks to Penny, Cheryl and Patricia who organised the whole event, and also to Jeremy Nel who somehow turns out to be the inspiration for most of these things. Proceeds went to a very deserving local charity too. There are some great people in this club! More pics here.

Spare a thought for a a few ARC Yachts who were battling their way in to Hout Bay in a very strong wind at the same time, with great assistance from the NSRI who towed two of the yachts into the harbour in exceptionally difficult circumstances (70 knot winds, one sans rudder!) - and in pitch dark. Well done to James Beaumont who led this rescue (as I understand), James is also a HBYC Club Member.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Crew Wanted Hout Bay - P.E. and back

Trip from Hout Bay to Port Elizabeth departing 15 Dec, Returning 3 Jan 2011. Phone Sam 072 788 2668

Monday, November 29, 2010

Updated list of Moorings for Sale

Click here to see them!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Whats on this weekend?

Friday night is Steak Night again, and the draw now stands at R3-200

Raffle tickets for the Christmas Cake on sale at R5-00

Boks vs England - Big Screen, Surround Sound, and Cold Beer of course

Only 10 tickets left for Christmas Party, dont miss out

Join Dick Jaeger of SY Tryer for his interesting tale "Towards Madagascar and Inside the island" next Thursday 2/12 at 7pm.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

HBYC Welcomes the ARC Fleet!

HBYC is very happy to have some of the ARC Fleet with us for a few weeks! The ARC Fleet (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) is a fantastic event involving primarily Cruisers but also a few fast boats. Unfortunately I have been out of town so dont have pics to post yet - read more at


or search for them them on Facebook. Photos will follow!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thought for the Day!

This is an excerpt from the book Voyage written by Sterling Hayden in 1976.

He was a movie star heartthrob who set sail on a schooner named “Wanderer” at the height of his career. In his youth, he had been a ship’s boy and a dory man on the Grand Banks.

“To be truly challenging, a voyage, like life, must rest on a firm foundation of financial unrest…” For example…"I’ve always wanted to sail to the South Seas, but can’t afford it”. What men can’t afford is not to go. We are enmeshed in the cancerous discipline of security. And in the worship of security, we fling our lives beneath the wheels of routine. And before we know it, our lives are gone. What does a man really need? Really need? A few pounds of food each day, heat and shelter, six feet to lie down in and some form of working activity that will yield a sense of accomplishment. That’s all, in the material sense, and we know it. But we are brainwashed by our economic system until we end up in a tomb beneath a pyramid of time, payments, debts, preposterous gadgetry, play things that divert our attention from the pure idiocy of the charade.

The years thunder by. The dreams of youth grow dim where they lie caked in dust on the shelves of patience. Before we know it, the tomb is sealed. Where, then, lies the answer? In choice. Which shall it be? Bankruptcy of purse, or bankruptcy of life?

(Thanks to Penny on Redwing)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday Night Sailors

After being blown out on Wednesday night, four intrepid crews turned up on Thursday night for an informal re-sail, and were treated to awesome conditions. A moderate NorthWester left the sea as flat as a lake, and a steady breeze of around 15-20 knots. Jeremy Nel made his debut as bridge officer, and sent us on two sausages and a triangle in the bay. Race was completed in 47 minutes (Quest) which must surely be one of the fastest elapsed times ever. JML-3 charged ahead at the start, but was soon overhauled by Megafreight. They did cross the line 2nd however, which is another brilliant finish by this lot, who are causing much concern in the fleet by now!

Final results based on PHRF:
1 Megafreight
2 Quest
3 JML-3
4 Irish Mist

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blustery Tuesday

Hout Bay as viewed from the relative safety of Woolies car park. Camera was a Nokia N97 with a scratched lense so not great in any sense. Wednesday turned out to be quite airy as well . . . .
Over in Bokkemanskloof, where I used to live, the world was on fire next to my old house, with hot, strong winds to fan the flames. Three helicopters and dozens of firemen, trucks and citizens all fighting the fire. Only in Hout Bay, its a great place. No houses were lost.

Whats on this weekend?!

Tons of good stuff as usual!

Friday is steak night, plus chefs special is a Moroccan Chicken Tagine - not to be missed! Watch this space as Peter will be inviting Guest Chefs from time to time - starting from next Friday

Peter will kindly be providing bar snacks on Wednesdays & Fridays – a good enough excuse to pop down for a sundowner!!

Friday Night Draw now stands at R3100 after Jeremy Hele won it recently! You could be next!

The "Goody Draw" continues to suprise and raise the much needed cash for the junior sailors and the 2011 Lipton Campaign - join the fun!

Have you purchased your raffle ticket for the Christmas Cake - for that matter have you even seen the Christmas Cake - its Bl!@#$%^ing awesome! Dont miss out. Tickets at bar. Proceeds to a great local charity.

Saturday sees Boks vs Scotland at Murrayfield. Support our local Scot Jimmy Higgins. Kick off at 16:30 - big screen - surround sound etc. The gees is great!

Tickets for Christmas party selling fast - only 15 left!! yes. As a yachty, you dont want to miss out if you are winning a prize, do you now? Even if you arent. R150 each at the bar. Dont forget!

Sailing tonight Thursday 18:00

Due to rather fresh winds last night, racing was abandoned. For those who can make it, we will race tonight Thursday at 18:00. Conditions look good, flat sea, warm, and moderate NorthWester. Galley will be open.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Notice to Cruisers

Any cruising Voyagers planning a trip on the Amazon should make alternative arrangements if they were planning to visit Port Chibatao on the Amazon. To see why, click here . . .

Winner of the Friday Night Draw!

Last Friday draw was won by Jeremy Hele, lucky and deserving as he is! Jeremy walked away with R4-500 which is a nice reward for having a great evening out anyway!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

What's on at your Club this Weekend

  • Friday Night is Steak Night! plus usual Menu
  • Friday night draw has rolled up to R4-500, as Meshe Leibowitz was not present to collect last week!The Goody-Raffle raised an awesome R1065 for the juniors 2011 Lipton Campaign - thanks to you all! In addition they managed a strong second place in the Wednesday evening race (Well done chaps!) Please continue to support our juniors - they are after all the future of the club!
  • Have you purchased your raffle ticket for the Christmas Cake? if not do so now - only R5.00 at the bar - where the magnificent cake can be seen on display. Thanks to Cheryl!
  • Saturday sees the Boks vs Ireland - kicloff at 7:30 pm SA time on the BIG SCREEN, with surround sound, cold beer and good company!
  • Tickets now on sale for the Christmas Party and Prizegiving which will be held on Saturday 11 December. 100 tickets onlt at R150 per head.  Further details on Noticeboard. Book soon to avoid missing out!
By now you will have noticed the many framed charts ad sailing pictures adorning the walls of the club. These were kindly donated by Bob of Classic Framing in Wynberg. Bob has kindly extended these special rates to all HBYC Members, so if you have any framing give Bob a call on 021 797 8549 and avoid the Christmas rush.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wed night sailing results! Race 3.

A blustery Northwester, and a pending storm faced sailors tonight. Our intrepid Commodore chased all the undecided out onto the water and a decent race was held! Some compensation for me being in Vanderbiljpark (as I write this bit!!) Later the rain pelted down and boosted bar sales immensely. Nice to see Enigma routinely in the water again, and a good tussle coming up between the L26s. Megafreight took fist place on handicap -  well done to them! Full results here!

Letters from Cruisers

See HBYC Cruising World for a recent update from The Road in Bundaberg, Australia!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thursday Sailing last week

Hout Bay residents have been treated to a fine display of boats in recent weeks, with great turnouts at the Opening Cruise, The Club Champs, and now the Summer Series. This pic was taken last Thursday evening - we had great conditions - flat water, 15kts steady South Easter, a warm pleasant evening, and eight boats on the water after postponing from Wednesday!  Irish Mist, with Peter Roelofze at the helm, took first place. Series results here.
Thanks to Roy McBride for the great pic!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Whats on at your Club!!

Or rather - what isn't!! Just when we thought Jeremy and team might run out of steam they changed gear it seems!! Look at this lot! 
  • Friday Night is Steak Night (Standard Galley Menu will still be available)
  • Friday Night Draw has rolled up to R4-400 (Sam Leggatt not present last week)
  • The ever popular Friday Night "Goody Raffle" will be returning to raise funds for our junior sailors and our 2011 Lipton Campaign. Please support your Junior sailors - they are busting a gut to put HBYC on the map - and already are making waves in the top of the fleet, to a point where handicaps are being argued again! Hmm?
  • Friday evening sees the return of "The Crunch" - the live band featuring legendary Rock Singer Paul Koning and his rew. Security arrangements in place to keep screaming fans at bay, so come along and enjoy a free-entry, fun-filled evening and dance the night away!! 
  • Saturday is the Curry Cup Final, on the BIG SCREEN, with surround-sound and cold beer. Remember those Marzen Golds!
  • Tickets now on sale for Christmas Party and Prize-Giving which is to be held on Saturday 11th December. Tickets are being limited to 100 at a cost of R150 per head. See Notice Board. NOT TO BE MISSED! 
  • The popular Friday night "Goody-Raffle" will be returning as a fundraising initiative for our Lipton 2011 Campaign. Please support our junior sailors as they are busting a gut to put HBYC on the map. (They are even making more seasoned sailors nervous to a point that handicaps are being argued again. Hmm!) 
See you at the Club - its the place to be!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lorna and HBYC make it into the People's Post as well!

Our 2010 Opening Cruise has been observed far and wide! Left click for full-size.

Another Blustery South Easter in the Bay . . .

Racing was postponed as the wind drove half the beach onto Beach Estate and Northshore . . .

Double Cape Race 20,21 Nov 2010

Awesome Race Poster here!
Enquiries SAS WC   Tel   021 671 8669    or

Wed Night Sailing postponed this week

Due to the strong South Easter today (forecast to increase by evening), Racing is postponed until Thursday for those who can make it. Postponed races will not count in the Summer Series.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Summer Series starts with a bang!

The 2010 Summer series started last night with 7 boats on the water, and a fresh Northwesterly with flat seas. Good competitive and very fast racing! Welcome to Rodney Tanner who helmed the JML-3 boat, as well as Cape Storm (Pacer 37) - also Enigma (welcome back James!). We have moved to using PHRF scores (without skippers handicap) as the primary rating system, as most skippers are well experienced and would like to know where they really are! The attached results show both ratings for reference however.

Click here for the detailed results.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Club Special on Hansa Marzen Gold!

R10 per 500ml Draft!
While stocks last
Come down and enjoy a cold one!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Club Champs 2010 Detailed Results

Click Here for the 2010 Club Champs detailed Regatta Results

Monday, October 18, 2010

. . and the winners are . . . Irish Mist!

HBYC Club Champs was sailed over the past weekend - including a total of five races. Weather conditions were frustratingly light on the Saturday during which only one race was completed, but the Sunday made up for it with a light but steady South Wester prevailing for the whole day - on a very flat sea, with warm and pleasant conditions. Our able and intrepid race officer (Derek Lourens) managed to get the fleet through another four races, making a total of five, and so allowing each boat a single discard. Irish Mist - a top L26 - was made available by Peter Roeloffze - and sailed superbly by Rian Turner and his crew - with some very convincing wins including a few line honours! Can't argue with that! See their happy faces in the pic! Faraway - Chris Sutton's Far 40, was also in excellent form sailing one of their best Regattas ever, and finished second. Megafreight (last year's winners) finished third after a tie-break with JML-3 (L26) in the debut performance of these juniors - this was an excellent result and I predict great things for these guys in years to come. Another tiebreak seperated Quest and Aquamaniac (Pacer 27), with Aquamaniac in 5th place (ably sailed by Tojan, Juliana and Dudley), Quest (Flamenca) in 6th place, Savannah (Miura) in 7th, and Nandi (Dix 34) in 8th. This was actually quite a competitive fleet allround, with close finishes in each race.

Special thanks to Keith Gemell (sponsor), Derek Louwrens (race officer), Jeremy Nel and Keith Coleman (mark laying, photos, junior trainers and tons of stuff), and Chris Sutton (scorer and generally good guy!).

Photos (thanks to Keith Coleman) posted here.
Click here for the full Regatta Results.

(Wed night summer series starts on Wed 20 October - dont miss it!)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Whats's on at your Club this Weekend!

  • Friday night is Steak Night - get your orders in early to avoid disappointment! (Standard Galley Menu will still be available) See below.
  • Friday Night Draw has rolled over to R4200 (Bob Orchard was not present last week!)
  • Club Champs being sailed on Sat and Sunday - come and enjoy the spectacle!
  • Junior Sailors make their debut on JML-3 - come and support your team!
  • Curry Cup Rugby on big screen with surround sound on Saturday p.m.
  • Prize-giving and Beer Mug Collection on Sunday p.m. after racing.

See you at the Club - its the place to be!
EISBEIN 500GM. R 45-00, 1000GM R 65-00




Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Club Champs this Weekend - Saturday and Sunday

Hi Sailors

Click here to view and print a copy of the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. Please print a copy - it also has brief course cards.

First race at 13:00 Saturday 16th, First race at 11:00 Sunday 17th October. The bay will be buzzing!

Good luck to you all!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Delivered on the occasion of the salute by the Honourable Order of Hout Bay Artillery for the sail past to mark the opening of the 2010/11 sailing season by the Commodore of the
Hout Bay Sailing Fleet

"They defended our shore with hot round shot and grape
When the enemy tried to invade our fair Cape.
Now we’re a Republic, no longer at war
Friendly fire honours those who come to our shore.
The sailors of Hout Bay now we also toast,
They brave the South-Easter (or so they do boast)
So may our libation bring winds that are fair
Neither typhoon or flat calm – the sailor’s nightmare.
Fine ships and our cannon we bequeath to our sons
The spirit of Hout Bay, the boats and the guns!"

Gunner Jeremy Hele

Monday, October 11, 2010

More Pics of the Opening Cruise!

 Master Gunners Raise their Hats!
Lt - Rt   Chris Everett, Chris Hudson, Lorna Turner (Wife of HBYC  President) Jeremy Hele, Dave Cowley
Lorna Strikes Back!

Faraway sneaks past while their backs are turned!
Thanks to Jeremy Nel for these pics.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Opening Cruise!

Saturday was a great day at the club, with great conditions for our Opening Cruise and Octoberfest! We had an impressive turnout of 26 boats on the water, ranging from the smallest (Stuey Coleman's Dabchick) to some large cruising yachts. Dave Cowley and the Heritage Foundation was present to manage the cannons, ably fired by our Presidents wife, Lorna Turner. Nearly all the boats were adorned with flags, bunting, bugles and even a few water pistols! The Review Group (Commodore, President and Dignitaries were dressed for the occasion on the Discovery Cat) and it was all rather splendid.

Roy McBride was on hand with his trusty Canon G11 (I think it is) and captured the essence beautifully. See the slideshow on the right hand side of the page.

After the sailing, crews all mustered in the clubhouse for a great Octoberfest, with lovely Bratwursts, Draft Hansa, some Oompah music, and eventually far too much wine . . . Not to be forgotten!

Thanks to Roy McBride for the pics!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HBYC Opening Cruise and Octoberfest Saturday 9 October from 13:00!

Traditions of the Sailpast
“The Sailpast tradition began at the First Yacht Club which was formed at Cowes in England nearly 200 years ago. The membership at Cowes was primarily aristocratic and many were familiar with naval practice and tradition. Cowes Yacht Club subsequently changed its name to Royal Yacht Squadron and certain social graces were added to the traditional naval practices. The actual “review of the fleet” was introduced as a continuation of the naval habit of having Admirals (and/or Royalty) review the fleet on special occasions. Protocol demanded that a flagship be anchored with the Admiral and staff on the quarterdeck to receive and return the salute. Vessels sailed past, dipping their colours in salute, and with their captain, if hatted (which he should be), also saluting with the ship’s company standing at attention. The fleet passing in review would be led by the Vice-Admiral and the final vessel in the line would carry the Rear-Admiral. The Yacht Club tradition is almost identical, except that the salute is received by the Commodore and/or President instead of the Admiral. Tradition dictates that all club members participate in the Sailpast, on their own or on another member’s yacht. Good manners require that a member unable to participate will send his/her regrets to the Commodore. “

Sailpast and Opening Cruise, followed by Octoberfest at the Club, with Oompah Band, Draft Beer, Good Food!
  • All boats on the water please! Apologies to be negotiated directly with Commodore!
  • All members encouraged to find their way onto a boat. Skippers will accommodate as many as can safely be carried. Just pop down to the marina and join the fun!

Saturday 13:00 onwards! Salute at 14:00 sharp. Octoberfest All Day!

Monday, September 27, 2010

TV Raffle Winner!

Keith Gemell was the deserving winner of the 42" Toshiba LCD TV raffled recently at the club. We hope he has great fun with this and it looks good in his Miura! Well done Keith!

Friday, September 24, 2010

All Hands on Deck!

OPENING CRUISE Saturday 9 October!
  • Boats launch at 1pm
  • Sailpast (Salute) at 2pm, Cannons to be fired
  • Merriment on the water!
HBYC hasn't had an opening cruise for years so don't miss it!

CLUB CHAMPS Sat and Sun 16-17 October!
  • Saturday Racing at 13:00
  • Saturday Night Party and Prizegiving
  • Sunday Racing at 11:00
More details to follow . . . .

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HBYC Golf Day!

Some PICS from HBYC Golf Day. Thanks to Jeremy!
Da BoyZ!

Birthday Girl at Golf day!

Rigging Up

Heading for Battle

The Loot

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Night Draw, and Golf Day

Dear Members
For those of you who were unable to beat the thronging masses in entering this annual Hout Bay Yacht Club Golf Day – I am so sorry for you! However, I do hope you will pop-in to HBYC to enjoy a cold beer at our prize giving, which is quite unique, not only in the amount of prizes we have been so kindly sponsored, but also because for the 1st time, that I’m aware of anyway, we are taking the prize giving away from the golf club to our home club. A spit roast will be on offer for players and their guests only, who pre-booked and paid, but Peter’s famous Galley fare will be available to all others.
We will also be having our normal Friday Night Draw which has increased to R3, 900 thanks to Joost Sieger who failed to attend and collect his cash last week!
When we last looked, we only had about 30, or so TV Raffle tickets left for sale, so with the new faces at the golf day, there’s no reason why the TV draw will not be sold out and the winner thereof also announced on Friday night – double whammy!
Rusty Gate Farm has also kindly donated a weekend away for 4, which will be raffled-off as part of the Golf Day Fundraiser, however all members and attendees are encouraged to participate at a mere R50 per ticket for what is at least R3000 in value – treble whammy! So bring along your purses and wallets and enjoy your club this Friday – for those who would like to know more about the course being played at The Metropolitan Golf Club on Friday!

Cape Point Challenge on Sunday

Come down to the club to see the start of the "Cape Point Challenge" on Sunday morning. The start is at 09h30. Boats will be racing to FBYC for Spring Regatta next weekend.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

CT Boat Show Special Offer for HBYC Members!!

CT International Boat Show : 8 – 10th October 2010

South Africa’s 10th Premier Boat Show takes place from 8th - 10th October at the Cape Town International Convention Centre and this year will include an exciting events and hospitality programme extending to S.A.’s No. 1 Tourist destination, the V & A Waterfront.

More than just a boat show, this year’s event will capture the imagination of the whole family from the showcasing of exotic boats, the best the boat building industry has on offer to the widest diversity of boating related products and technology available. Designed to attract both local and international visitors, exciting events, demonstrations and competitions with fabulous prizes are planned for both the CTICC and at the V & A Waterfront.

Shuttles and waterboats will ferry ticket holders between the two venues, or visitors can utilise the now famous ‘Fan Walk’ to meander down to the Waterfront and recreate that Cape Town ‘GEES’ that was so overwhelming during the 2010 FIFA World Cup!

Entrance fee is a mere R60 pp per day which is inclusive of transport and entry to all Boat Show related events. A bonus for families is that there is no charge for children (ages or terms and conditions apply)

Whether you are a boat owner or simply enjoy anything about Cape Town and the water, this is an opportunity to attend one of Cape Town’s and South Africa’s great events – DON’T MISS THE BOAT show!

Visit the website and keep an eye on the press for regular postings of details regarding the programme of events.

Monday, September 6, 2010

HBYC at Lipton Challenge Cup 2010

"Alexandre Monat has been unexpectedly involved as a manager for our HBYC team. He discovered the L26 Class, the Challenge concept, the skills of some friends in different positions onboard their small keelboat, the lack of involvement of some YCs and on the other hand great support by sailing committees seconded by sponsors.

L26 is definitely an easy boat (but not his cup of tea!). The challenge with this kind of keelboat is certainly a mark of will from some active seniors. But he feels it will be necessary in the future to think of some new racing goals. Nevertheless some Lessons Learned (LL) after his hot wash-up.

The next generation needs managers onboard.

It was young sailors Kader Williams and Asenathi Jim who were the stars on day 5. These two youngsters have climbed the ranks and are part of the success story that Izivunguvungu Sailing is. To create a team building onboard some boats as MSC, HBYC, Race Ahead yachts is not so easy. Young sailors are tired after 2 hours of racing (dehydrated, cold and wet), having not much experience but full of desire to fight fairly at the sea. They also require some guidance regarding nutrition and correct preparation procedures on the pontoon before and after any race. Some experienced hands on managers onboard would be of great use. Behind the regularity of Theo, it’s all the young generation who wins. But his job is not accomplished. They need dedicated managers especially onboard for some decision making processes. It would be great if all YCs were more involved for this exercise.

The evening at the main hall was memorable discovering some personalities and psychologies from the Top5 skippers. As good as the presentation was, we however overlooked a great opportunity to offer some expertise to inexperienced sailors who needed directing regarding the courses. To refresh some famous “silver linings” of the L26 class to the young classroom would have being beneficial.

Energy has to be controlled.

Despite ill preparation the HBYC team managed to gain 20th place. They need proper guidance and instruction to facilitate the challenge successfully. We suggest more time and training by a manager before the race and during the sailing week itself to enhance their skills and confidence. The crew members would benefit greatly if their club ensured the necessary sails and equipments onboard. It was challenging for the crew to deal without a light kite, and old small heavy kite, bugs around some cleats and old sails. But the crew did well to secure the boat and fine tune some details onboard.

Never forget the “silver linings”

L26 class is easy to understand! If you have the crew and a boat well prepared. With new sails you can reach the Top10. With a crew weight close to 420kg you avoid one of the tricky parameters to sail the boat. The start is not crucial. Course upwind is critical. Downwind is cruising. The downwind mark is just a small decision point. No big tactics require, rather some match racing with other boats. Changes of courses need to be implemented at each beat especially in Table bay when the wind shifts every 8mns till 10degrees with perfect regularity. After 6 races the fleet of 25 made only 19 dogfights at downwind marks and 14 at upwind marks following rule number 18. It makes it easier for the protest committee.

Alexandre spent many hours onboard the tender named “Garmin Duck” following some boats to discover some amazing steering. Sailing in waves? Some skippers should be looking ahead towards the beat, anticipating the fastest course, heading upwind at the base of the wave, and bearing off on the crest, tacking quickly and gybing smoothly.

Observe and learn from the boats ahead? Definitely! "Team Colorpress" (Knysna YC) was the perfect demonstrator and very predictable, and even the Top5 with PYC, "Team Intasure Marine Insurance" (FBYC), RNYC and sometimes the UCT team were good to follow.

Curving a perfect turn? Only 6 boats did well to set up their gybe set at the windward mark, only 7 boats “swoop” well around the leeward mark. Only 8 boats were able to jib at the reach mark in a proper manner completing the gybe before the mark, which is extremely important when having to jib to a tight reach. Only 9 boats managed to gybe just before the leeward mark. This error caused a loss of speed.

General Etiquette
The effort of most of the crew and YCs appreciation of the rules during the race were satisfactory. Alexandre also noted that many people respected the dress code during the ceremonies. He was grateful for the opportunity of assisting with the HBYC. We all gained from the experience and next year I hope to see the HBYC crew looking smarter! Let’s share the spirit of ubuntu regarding the Lipton Cup by observing our designated roles."

On behalf of HBYC: Congrats to Theo and team, and many thanks to Alex (and Peter Adamo) for their support in this area!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sailing Results 15 August 2010

Last Sunday Race, 15 Aug 2010, Light Conditions in Hout Bay:
1 Megafreight
2 Addis in Cape
3 Faraway
DNF Savannah
DNF Aquamaniac

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Faces of HBYC - Jendo

The cheerful face of Jendo looking over the balcony! Good news from his stockbroker no doubt. Orange jersey given way to a blue one? Thanks to Roy for the pic!

Friday, July 23, 2010

News from Sheer Tenacity

See the latest from Rod and Mary at

Thursday, July 15, 2010

News from So Long and Galenaia

News from Tony and Susanne! See HBYC Cruising World. They are now in Alaska!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

News from Cruisers

A new section has been added to the blog - "Cruising World". This section will hold the email news we get from cruisers corresponding with HBYC, from all parts of the globe. See current news from Steve and Renata Clarke-Gray, and the Halls. Some great pics have been sent!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cape Windjammers

Cape Windjammers Education Trust is a Cape Town based NGO focusing on youth development through sail training day excursions and offshore voyages. They are appealing to the public and specifically the sailing fraternity to support them through participation in a card funding scheme which is fact part of the "MySchool" system. More info and application details here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

George's Wake

A large number of people turned up at the club at 7pm last night to pay their respects to George. These included a large number of people from his church group, his family, and many friends from all walks of life. It was quite amazing to hear of the number of things George had done to help people, and the various accounts of his exploits, ideas and ventures. He certainly was a very interesting, engaging, and generous person - who - as someone put it - took very little from the Earth but gave a lot back! Rest well George!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Redfin is saved!

We have heard that Lars's boat Redfin, stranded on the rocks near Agulhas, has been dragged ashore by some helpful farmers with a piece of earthmoving kit, and is safely stored on a farm there somewhere. It seems too that a cotage has been made available for all of them (Lars and his crew) on the farm, or nearby, and they are all safe and sound, besides one of Lars's fingers which has gone awol it seems. Now Lars can repair the boat. How he gets it from there back into the sea may be the subject of a another interesting blog post I think . . . 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flags at halfmast

George van der Merwe passed away this morning after suffering a severe heart attack and stroke last week. Our condolences go to his family and friends, and his cheerful little dog whose name escapes me. HBYC Club flag is at halfmast on this day.

Friday, June 18, 2010

George van der Merwe

With sadness and regret we advise that one of our members, George van der Merwe, is gravely ill in hospital after suffering a major heart attack and stroke over the past weekend. George was a familiar sight around the club in recent years, with his little Jack Russell dog always at his side. The dog is in care of his family.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Every once in a while we have to make a difficult decision - this weekend HBYC is faced with a dilemma - Soccer vs Rugby on the BIG SCREEN!
RUGBY - BOKS vs. ITALY at 15h00 - and - SOCCER - NETHERLANDS vs. JAPAN at 13h30
Our social officer has graciously discussed this with the secretary of the Netherlands Supporters Club, and the games will be switched between the big and small screens on the day to show both games. Jeremy will explain on the day!
Warning – arrive early to be assured of a seat!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HBYC Yacht Redfin in Sea Drama of Quoin Point

Redfin, a Steel junk-rigged yacht owned and skippered by HBYC Club Member, Lars Strydom, was involved in a sea drama and rescue near Cape Agulhas late on Monday night (14/06). Further details here.

Monday, June 14, 2010

So Long and Galaneia in Comox, BC (Canada)

Many of you  will remember Tony and Susanne (and Honey!), who left on from Hout Bay via Australia, NZ, the Pacific and are now in Canada! Not before some amazing sea adventures, previously posted. Latest news gratefully received via Roy. These people "have a life" - and it doesn't cost the earth!

Comox, Vancouver Island
Canada B.C., 13.06.2010
Hi Roy and Jean,
Sorry our last mail was so brief but we were in a 20 minute time span in the Ketchikan library. We’ve been out in the sticks for a long time and now we are in Comox on the east coast of Vancouver Island and getting back into civilization and also warmth. We are sending on the mail from January which we think you and maybe others didn’t receive as well. We’ll be giving you more news soon but in the meantime we hope your new president and the world football cup are keeping you occupied. Honey told us it’s about time to send back her greetings to Jean, and we will gladly join our dog in that! Greeting to everyone in Hout Bay and very best wishes.
Susanne and Tony and Honey

Saturday, June 12, 2010

STOP PRESS: Abby Sunderland has been rescued

12:05 SAST: News on Twitter is that Abby has been rescued by a French fishing boat, from Reunion Island. It is reported that Australia, who has funded and coordinated the rescue so far, is apparently not looking for compensation for this rescue.

Friday, June 11, 2010

STOP PRESS: Abby Sunderland found alive and upright

Abby Sunderland, the 16 year old American solo circumnavigator, was feared missing in the Southern Ocean after activating her EPIRBS on Thursday. She had called in Cape Town recently for repairs to her autopilot and was on her way to Australia via the Southern Ocean.

Latest news is that she has been sighted upright and alive, and a fishing boat from Reunion Island will be with her by Saturday.  More news here.