Monday, March 29, 2010

D&A Group Cape Town Sailing Week News and Pics!

The smiles show it all! HBYC is extremely proud of JML-3 and the team! Theo Yon is seen here collecting the prize for 3rd place in the hotly contested Club-2 class. They sailed like champions, looked like champions, and were great ambassadors for the club. They really have come a long way together. Thanks to Peter Roelofze, Allistair Peden, and Peter Adamo especially - who have put a lot into this campaign over time.
Sunday Night Prizegiving and the club was buzzing!

Chris Sutton recieves a great painting from Barbara Krynauw on behalf of HBYC.
Many thanks Barbara!
The deck outside was even busier!

Our Commodore Rian Turner was the Chairman of D&A CTSW and a great organiser. Turns out he is quite handy with a microphone too!

Last - but most importantly - the Title Sponsors of this magnificent event - Roman and John of D&A Group.  They are great guys. Please support D&A whenever you can if you buy a Merc, Nissan, or hire a car. They own Malmesbury Mercedes, AAD Nissan in Milnerton, and Cabs Car hire(amongst others). They have supported us fantastically - and we must ease support them in turn whenever possible

D&A Group Cape Town Sailing Week comes to Hout Bay!

The prestigious Cape Town Sailing week is now in its second year, and is growing from strength to strength. The 2010 event attracted a star fleet of big guns including the likes of Windpower, Gumption, Puma Unleashed and many others! This event also included the IRC Nationals, the premier yachting class in South Africa.

The title Sponsors of this event were the D&A Group, which included Malmesbury Motors (Mercedes), AAD Nissan, Cabs Car Hand and several associated motor industries. Look out for them on TV when this event is screened in a few weeks time. Some great prizes were also donated by Falken Tyres, Crocs and Oxbow Surfwear - adding further prestige to this great event.

Cape Town Sailing week is unique in that it represents a collaboration of two different yacht clubs to run a single event – in this case Royal Cape and Hout Bay Yacht Clubs - and is really a combination of the previous Admirals Regatta and Table Bay Week. A such it attracts boats from far and wide – including also False Bay and Gordons Bay yacht clubs.

The first part of the Regatta was held in Table Bay on 20,21 March – in light but very pleasant conditions. There was great sailing on both days just off Granger Bay – under the spectacular backdrop of Table Mountain and the new World Cup Stadium. Royal Cape were great hosts and managed a good party on the Saturday night. Spirit amongst the sailors was excellent, and we were glad to have the sponsors right in the mix, out on the boats, and with a great display of new models from Mercedes and Nissan at the club.

A public holiday followed on the Monday – during which the fleet raced over to Hout Bay – this time into a fresh South Easter of 25 knots or so. The IRC fleet started in Cape Town, while the Club Fleets first motored to a point just off Clifton for their start. From there it was full taps until the finish mark near Kommetjie, with high boat speeds and very exciting sailing. Nandi – the 34 footer I sailed on, seldom dropped below seven knots on the beats and managed the distance in just over two and a half hours – nearly all upwind!

The best sailing of the day turned out to be the run from the finish mark at Kommetjie back into Hout Bay – where a strong South Easter powered us back into the bay at around ten knots! Entering Hout bay from the South has to be one of the most spectacular and beautiful sights anywhere – and we are extremely lucky to have two such great sailing venues in this event.

The following weekend saw two days of racing in Hout Bay – however in less than perfect conditions, with a moderate Northwester and an unsettled sea state on the Saturday, while the Sunday was far more pleasant and we managed one decent race across the bay from Noordhoek. However sailors are used to being at the mercy of the weather and made of the most of a great party hosted at Hout Bay Yacht Club on the Saturday night which went on well into the wee hours . . .

Sunday early evening saw the prize giving held at Hout Bay Yacht Club – with much humour and great speeches from Dick de Kroon (MC), HBYC Commodore and Organiser (Rian Turner), and even the sponsors from D&A who entertained us with some great stories.

Admiral Louw of the SA Navy was on hand to present the Admirals Sword as usual (as he has most graciously done for many years) – in this case to Phil Gutsche and the delighted crew of Windpower – who sailed a great regatta – winning also the IRC Class, and the John Coles Trophy. A consistent and outstanding performance!

The event was very well organized and a great credit to the event chairman Rian Turner - as well the teams from both RCYC and HBYC.

Overall Results

Admiral’s Sword (most competitive boat in most competitive class) Windpower (Gutsche/Nankin)

John Coles Trophy (Medium distance race from Cape Town to Hout Bay) Windpower (Phil Gutsche/ Rick Nankin)

IRC Class 1:
1. Windpower (Gutsche/Nankin) RCYC
2. A-L (Robert van Rooyen) RCYC
3. New Balance Gumption (Mark Sadler) RCYC

Club 1:
1. Our Dianne (Billy Liesegang) FBYC
2. Touch and Go (David Smith) RCYC
3. Nandi (Nick Fairley) HBYC

Club 2:
1. Far-Med (Victor Medina) RCYC
2. Team Escape EkoEnergy SA (Rodney Tanner) GBYC
3. JML-3 (Theo Yon) HBYC

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Committee for 2010!

The following Committee was confirmed last night at the club AGM:

President: Dudley Turner
Commodore:  Chris Sutton
Vice Commodore: Garfield Watkins
Treasurer: Greg Clark
Marina Officer: Pat West
Rear Commodore Keelboats: Justin Phillips
Safety Officer: Keith Gemell

A very big thank you to the previous commodore Rian Turner and the 2008/9 committee!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cape Town Sailing Week

Day 3 of CTSW saw the fleet come over to HBYC after two days of sailing in light but very pleasant conditions in Table Bay. Great hospitality and organisation to boot! Conditions for the return race were fresh but variable. Starting off on a spinaker run off Clifton, the wind soon freshened and came on the nose, and most of the race was an exhilirating beat into quite a fresh South Easter. HBYC's Nandi gratefully inherited the crew of Aquamaniac, and was able to place a good few more pounds on the weather rail than usual, leaving Dudley and Allistair on the bridge. We managed over 7 knots on the beats, and 9-10 knots coming back from the finish near Kommetjie! What a ride!
A few relaxed moments near the start at Clifton.

Some tense moments on the bridge as the dark water approaches . . .
 The bag was doused in the Nick of time . . .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

HBYC Marina Layout

(for reference by CTSW visiting yachts)
click to enlarge

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coffee Capital!

Suzanne Mare sips the first cup of

Lavazza brew from the HBYC's new facility. Come and join us for freshly made Lavazza brand coffees at the new Coffee Capital of Hout Bay the Hout Bay Yacht Club. In our new redesigned premises with comfortable seating and wonderful views, it's a steal at R10 a cup!

P.S. Some nice new wines coming too!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Newsflash! R15-000 in Prizemonies for D&A Cape Town Sailing Week!

D&A Group CTSW Organising Committee are pleased to announce that an additional contributory sponsor (Falken Tyres) has made available R15,000 in Prize Money for the top placed boats in the various divisions - making this one of the most prestigious events in SA Sailing! Admirals Sword (most competitive boat in the most competitive division) = R5,000. The balance of Prize Monies will be awarded to winners in other classes distributed at the discretion of the Organising Committee.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Faces of Hout Bay Yacht Club

L-R: Thelma, Yoalin, Verna, Wayne
These good folk (also patient, hardworking and amazingly tolerant) are the friendly souls you will meet in the club bar. Most have been with the club for many many years! It would more appropriate to say the furniture is part of the staff in fact!
Thanks to Peter Adamo for the pic.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Faraway sneaks out of the harbour on Friday afternoon!

The race was on Wednesday Chris! Just as well we didn't wait!
left-click for a larger pic!

Tonight's Friday Night Draw now up to R3400!!!

Be there! Hosts of other prizes and great pub fare! What a great way to end the week! You could be rich and famous (a bit!) - and living on your own island by next week!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Drifters

After a great run out towards Kommetjie last night in 20-30 knots and flat seas, there was absolutely no wind in the bay to get home. Enigma and Nandi are seen here under power of their iron topsails, while Quest is coming in courtesy of the tide, a bit of genoa, and wishful thinking. Roy can see this all from his house - albeit in fading light (thanks for the pic!)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boet and Swaer . . .

Check at these two. Robin and Dick trying to impress the ladies last Wednesday night. Apologies for poor picture quality - it was taken with an old cellphone in poor light. Be grateful it didn't have sound . . .

Are we safe from Climate Change?

Roy took this pic in the harbour yesterday of the high tide. Its only about half a meter below the quay! Best you sell your cars and motorboats right away and buy a sailboat. Maybe thats what Noah had in mind, last time we had a serious case of rising damp . . .

Monday, March 1, 2010

Later the same day . . .

Spring High, Spring Low (sweet chariot?!)
The previous post shows the idyllic calm conditions this morning at spring low. This is what it looked like at 17:00 later in the day   . . .

Sammy's favourite spot - never mind the weather . . .

Hout Bay at Spring Low Tide

Can there be anywhere nicer than Hout Bay on a Monday morning at spring low tide? This morning the low tide was 0.1m above LAT (lowest astronomical tide). This afternoon at 15:46 it will peak at 2.01m. Thats quite extreme. The low tide provides a fantastic beach to walk on . . . .