Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Night Draw resumes - R3800 to be won!

Graham Raynor would have been a winner at the last draw but he was not at the Club last time!
Tonight 7pm - Members draw and many other raffles

Calamari starter R18-00. Strips of calamari, rolled in our special coating and deep fried to a melting tenderness.
Hake R35-00
Fresh hake portions coated in seasoned flour and cooked to a golden finish.
Calamari R45-00
A full portion of calamari coated in our blend of fourteen different herbs and spices and deep-fried.
Chicken Supreme R45-00. Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and blue cheese, seared in lemon infused olive oil and then baked.
Chicken & mushroom pie. R40-00. A favourite among many. Tender chicken and mushroom in puff pastry.
Steak pie R40-00. Tender pieces of steak slowly cooked in a delicious stock and wrapped in puff pastry.
Thai roasted spareribs. R45-00. Icky, sticky succulent ribs, marinated in a Thai sweet and sour sauce, then roasted. This is the genuine finger licking food.
Chargrilled rumpsteak 200gm. R 65-00, 300gm. R 85-00. So, so tender and full of flavour, grilled over a flame the way you like them.

Hamburger R30-00
Chargrilled ground beef on a freshly baked bun.
Cheeseburger R35-00 - as above but topped with a large slice of soft, melting cheddar.
Chicken schnitzel burger R 35-00. A deep fried crumbed schnitzel with our homemade mayo on a freshly baked bun.
Steakroll R45-00 - 100gm sirloin steak chargrilled and served on a bun.

All the above dishes are served with chips, baked potato, rice or veges.

Pete’s special for the day -
Moroccan chicken with caramelized baby onions and pears. R 45-00
Garden salad R20-00
A selection of salad ingredients which the garden produces on the day.
Chips R15-00 ( medium) - R 30-00 ( large). Our chips are regarded as some of the best ever eaten. Cooked with their skin on, they are double fried in a carefully controlled temperature to ensure a crisp and tasty flavour.

Sauces -  Mushroom/ pepper/ mustard R10-00

Ice cream and chocolate sauce R15-00
Creamy vanilla ice cream with a chocolate topping.
Chocolate mousse ice cream R15-00
( see specials board also )
Coffee Filter R10-00
Irish R25-00

Please ask to see what other specials are available. Credit cards welcome.
We do not serve fast food, only fresh food. Please be patient as good food always takes time to prepare.