Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ride the BEAST!!!

Calling all you closet motorcyclists, there’s still time to…… RIDE THE BEAST!!
(Breakfast Eating And Sailing Team)

Meet at HBYC for breakfast 8pm on the Public Holiday, Saturday 1st May, followed by a leisurely run towards Cape Point, via Red Hill and Simonstown (subject to route-changes and the odd refreshment stop, which are dependant upon weather and popular vote on the day), returning to the club for a BEAST on the Spit (Maybe bikes should be left at home at this point!)

The weather looks promising; forecast as partly cloudy (more sun than cloud) a high of 21 Deg, and 9Km/h north westerly. 30% chance of precipitation. In sailing and motorcycling terms – a beautiful day!

Kindly note that spouses, family and friends are encouraged to join albeit that they do not necessary wish to ride. Should you be interested in joining this event then kindly forward Jeremy Nel your details with number of Motorcycles, names of Bikers and/or non-participating diners (important to note either Breakfast or BEAST, or both) to . Also kindly include your contact details, e-mail and mobile.

As this is too short a notice to collect dues beforehand, we will take your e-mail advice as a commitment to pay The Galley on the day, whether you then decide to ride or not – we trust you accept this policy for ease of catering.

Cost is R30 for breakfast and R65 for the Beast or R125 all inclusive for the riders, with the small difference being a contribution to some prizes for the bikers. (Beware there might just be some fines too!!!)

See attached the list of entries thus far, some of whom have expressed interest, but not provided numbers and contact details – kindly revert with this ASAP – THANKS!!

Dick & Janet De Kroon
Jeremy Nel
Justin & Fiona Phillips
Chris Howell
Rob & Colleen Lea
Peter Roeloffze
Richard Cooke
Pat & Pat West
Jerry Rogers
Rian Turner
Dudley Turner
Dave Mills
Chris & Rosemary Sutton
Doc & Eleanor
Peter Ridley
George & Joyce Wenman
Jendo Ocenasek

Jeremy Nel