Monday, June 14, 2010

So Long and Galaneia in Comox, BC (Canada)

Many of you  will remember Tony and Susanne (and Honey!), who left on from Hout Bay via Australia, NZ, the Pacific and are now in Canada! Not before some amazing sea adventures, previously posted. Latest news gratefully received via Roy. These people "have a life" - and it doesn't cost the earth!

Comox, Vancouver Island
Canada B.C., 13.06.2010
Hi Roy and Jean,
Sorry our last mail was so brief but we were in a 20 minute time span in the Ketchikan library. We’ve been out in the sticks for a long time and now we are in Comox on the east coast of Vancouver Island and getting back into civilization and also warmth. We are sending on the mail from January which we think you and maybe others didn’t receive as well. We’ll be giving you more news soon but in the meantime we hope your new president and the world football cup are keeping you occupied. Honey told us it’s about time to send back her greetings to Jean, and we will gladly join our dog in that! Greeting to everyone in Hout Bay and very best wishes.
Susanne and Tony and Honey