Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HBYC Opening Cruise and Octoberfest Saturday 9 October from 13:00!

Traditions of the Sailpast
“The Sailpast tradition began at the First Yacht Club which was formed at Cowes in England nearly 200 years ago. The membership at Cowes was primarily aristocratic and many were familiar with naval practice and tradition. Cowes Yacht Club subsequently changed its name to Royal Yacht Squadron and certain social graces were added to the traditional naval practices. The actual “review of the fleet” was introduced as a continuation of the naval habit of having Admirals (and/or Royalty) review the fleet on special occasions. Protocol demanded that a flagship be anchored with the Admiral and staff on the quarterdeck to receive and return the salute. Vessels sailed past, dipping their colours in salute, and with their captain, if hatted (which he should be), also saluting with the ship’s company standing at attention. The fleet passing in review would be led by the Vice-Admiral and the final vessel in the line would carry the Rear-Admiral. The Yacht Club tradition is almost identical, except that the salute is received by the Commodore and/or President instead of the Admiral. Tradition dictates that all club members participate in the Sailpast, on their own or on another member’s yacht. Good manners require that a member unable to participate will send his/her regrets to the Commodore. “

Sailpast and Opening Cruise, followed by Octoberfest at the Club, with Oompah Band, Draft Beer, Good Food!
  • All boats on the water please! Apologies to be negotiated directly with Commodore!
  • All members encouraged to find their way onto a boat. Skippers will accommodate as many as can safely be carried. Just pop down to the marina and join the fun!

Saturday 13:00 onwards! Salute at 14:00 sharp. Octoberfest All Day!