Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday Night Sailors

After being blown out on Wednesday night, four intrepid crews turned up on Thursday night for an informal re-sail, and were treated to awesome conditions. A moderate NorthWester left the sea as flat as a lake, and a steady breeze of around 15-20 knots. Jeremy Nel made his debut as bridge officer, and sent us on two sausages and a triangle in the bay. Race was completed in 47 minutes (Quest) which must surely be one of the fastest elapsed times ever. JML-3 charged ahead at the start, but was soon overhauled by Megafreight. They did cross the line 2nd however, which is another brilliant finish by this lot, who are causing much concern in the fleet by now!

Final results based on PHRF:
1 Megafreight
2 Quest
3 JML-3
4 Irish Mist