Monday, January 10, 2011

HBYC gets good mention in the World ARC News column

Hout Bay Yacht Club did its best to welcome and accommodate the visiting ARC boats over the holiday season. This included laying concrete blocks in the marina, moving yachts around, installing additional hot water geysers (Pat West and team), a special function in the yacht club etc (Jeremy of course), besides all the routine stuff to do with tags etc (Alan was kept quite busy too). Special mention to the NSRI who escorted two of the visiting boats nto their moorings in wild conditions one night, and to Charles, Roy and Anna who worked over the break to build a new rudder for one of them. They seem to have survived the extraordinary wind we experienced, including flying roof sheets from the marina office, and it all went quite well. See for their reflections on Hout Bay and HBYC.