Sunday, January 2, 2011

SV Sheer Tenacity - latest Blogs

Ya have to read this - their blogs are getting better and better! Rod and Mary left HBYC almost 2 years ago now, on a beautiful pea-green boat, actually no, a beautiful red Shearwater they called Sheer Tenacity, for good reasons one can relate over a beer or two. They planned it all very well, and their cruising has been of the best kind - with a soulful boat, an interesting course, and very real experiences. They take the trouble to keep in touch with their friends in Hout Bay by email and via their blog, and we are priviliged to share in their adventures. From my pespective they really are the model of how cruising one should be done, with a good seakindly boat, in an unpretentious way, not a slave to time, but with energy to keep moving and not get bogged down in the first nice place! Plus they dam nice people.

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