Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday Racing

pic taken from Quest using mobile phone - Nandi alongside Faraway and Megafreight

Very interesting race last night! here we see Nandi, the DiDi 34 alongside Megafreight (Simonis 35) and Faraway (Farr 38/40) - on 3rd leg of the race. Nandi sailing with roller furling and no bag, and a "Sunday crew". Later the wind came up quite fresh, and she finished very close to the leaders to take 2nd place on corrected time. Faraway spent almost an entire leg on her side, broaching after a fresh gust, and dunking poor Rob Browne quite mercilessly in the Atlantic for a while! Aquamaniac showed her prowess in light airs as usual, being caught later by the big-guns. Savannah and Quest had their usual tussle at the back, with Savannah crossing the line a few seconds ahead, but it was in fact Quest hat went on to take 1st place on TCF eventually. Nice conditions, and a great sail, with just a touch of drama!
Final positions, in a suprising change to the usual order!

1 Quest (Flamenca)
2 Nandi (DiDi 34)
3 Aquamaniac (Pacer 27 Cruise)
4 Savannah (Miura)
5 Megafreight (Simonis 35)
6 Faraway (Farr 38/40)

We now score on PHRF only - no skipper's handicaps - and it seems we have a suitably competitive fleet for this.