Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wed Night Racing

Only three boats turned out in the heavy mist last night - Megafreight, Nandi and Quest, with apologies from Faraway, now in Cape Town preparing for the Mykonos race. Flat seas, and a light but steady breeze of about 5-8 knots favoured the smaller boats - in a very pleasant evening. Final results were close, with Nandi in 3rd, Megafreight in 2nd, and Quest in the lead on PHRF. Thanks as always to the bridge which is running extremely well!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Governor's Cup TV Screenings

You should watch this - its great!

Episode One: 17 Feb at 19:00 on SSport Five;
18 Feb at 13:00 on SSport Six;
21 Feb at 15:00 on SSport Five;
22 Feb at 10:00 on SSport One;
23 Feb at 18:00 on SSport Six;
24 Feb at 16:00 on SSport Five

Episode Two: 24 Feb at 19:00 on SSport Six;
25 Feb at 15:00 on SSport Five;
28 Feb at 16:00 on SSport Six;
01 Mar at 14:00 on SSport Six;
02 Mar at 10:00 on SSport One;
03 Mar at 19:00 on SSport Five

Saturday, February 19, 2011

SV "Zest" - a Cape Cutter 19

Spotted here in the Knysna Waterfront,  I cant quite make the name out in this pic (another cellphone pic),  but I am quite sure this is the original Cape Cutter 19 called Zest that lived in HBYC marina, and belonged to my neighbour Prof Owen Crankshaw of Bokkemanskloof. I couldn't think of a nicer boat for the Knysna Lagoon - lifting keel, low mast, traditional look, comfortable accommodation for two, a small 4-stroke outboard in a well, and trailerable if you like. Fish, sail or gunkhole, take your pic. A few nights sleepout with a mini-weber and a good camera . . .

Owen sailed this boat with us from Hout Bay to Cape Town one year (the Waterfront rally). I remember the winds were quite fresh, and I think he was alone. Similarly coming back. He also sailed often to Llandudno and back from Hout Bay. Quite challenging areas to sail in, he never had any problems with this 19' trailer sailer. Definitely my choice of boat when I move to Thesens Island (when I win the Lotto), unless a Cape Henry 21 comes my way.

See  or for more info on these beauties!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Allistair Campbell ZS5MU - Silent key

As reported by the SA Radio League:

@Founder of the SA Maritime Mobile Net Silent Key.  Alistair Campbell ZS5MU  passed away peacefully in his sleep yesterday afternoon 14 February 2011. Alistair’s interest in marine matters started many years ago when Alistair helped a friend build a yacht. Once the yacht was completed and on the water they kept in contact via ham radio with Alistair giving him the weather conditions. It wasn’t long before other yachts started checking in with Alistair and the South African Maritime Mobile Net was born round about 26 October 1979. Our  thought go out to  his wife Davina , A special tribute with historic audio clips will be broadcast in Amateur Radio TODAY this Sunday

All cruising yachties will be familiar with Alistair and the SA Maritime Mobile Net, and the twice daily broadcasts Allistair ran for many years. See for more background.

I think the net will continue under the able support of Graham Griggs ZS2 ABK (based in Kenton on Sea), and Sam Maree ZS1SAM, (based in Glencairn/Simonstown). The SA Maritime Net is an invaluable aid to cruisers and yachts passing Southern Africa, and frequently has callers from Madagascar and beyond.

See for the history of the SAMM.

Go well Alistair - you will be missed by so many sailors . . .

Friday, February 11, 2011

See the daily positions of the Russian Trimaran at Karin - who did the PR for Energy Diet  - has opened this site and in time will reflect a variety of sailing stuff.

As of this morning (Friday at 08:05), the roaring ruskies were approaching Luderitz . . . not bad!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Russians leave HBYC in thick mist

Great pics and and commentary on Roy's blog. Pics by our very own George Wenman. Roys blog has tons of other good stuff too. See, or simply

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wed night racing results

Nice race to Vulcan!

Race Wed 9 Feb 2011
Race officer Jeremy Nel
Race Start Time 18:05:00
Conditions 10 kts flat

                                   Finish Elapsed PHRF Corrected time
1. Megafreight No3 19:34:07 1:29:07 1.0750 5748.03
2. Savannah 19:58:11 1:53:11 0.9100 6179.81
3. Shosholoza 20:01:33 1:56:33 0.9250 6468.53
4. Aquamania 19:56:29 1:51:29 1.0000 6689.00
5. Nandi 19:56:10 1:51:10 1.0050 6703.35
6. Faraway 19:53:57 1:48:57 1.1200 7321.44

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Featuring our Russian friends as they approached Hout Bay a few days ago. For folk who have had only one sail in Hout Bay this would rate as quite interesting - even by our standards!

The video was posted to YouTube by Johann (Craig's Dad - they NSRI guy who jumped aboard with them, with permission of the crew on Energy Diet).


Friday, February 4, 2011

Russian off again!

 Our Russian friends are leaving on Monday 7 Feb now. The leaving ceremony intended for Sunday will not be held. Apologies for the change - there has been much confusion one way and another. We wish them and their craft "Energy Diet" fair winds and calm seas for their next leg up the coast to Namibia!
Good turnout at HBYC for the press-conference with the Russians on Energy Diet.

Our friends the intrepid Russian voyagers are off again on Sunday - this time for Brazil via Namibia - in their amazing inflatable trimaran! They gave us an absolutely amazing talk last night at the yacht club - and showed some INCREDIBLE video footage of their approach to Hout Bay as they surfed over the reefs at outer-kom on their way in. This is sailing footage you will NEVER SEE AGAIN! I will try and post some when I get my hands on it. They tried to explain something about needing to stay inshore because the strong South Easter was blowing them away, but going over the Kommetjie Reefs and kelp in a raging South Easter with 5m breaking swells did seem a bit bold in the circumstances, not to put too fine a point on it. They flew clean over the kelp and simply surfed on! The cameraman had the presence of mind (if thats a suitable phrase) to film it - complete with rolling breakers coming up from behind and going over them. Extreme sportsmen by their own admission . . . I cant relay the whole thing here - suffice to say they wont be getting many paying guests as I see it.

I managed to catch a bit about them not being Gypsies, but crazy Russian travellers! The Captain disagreed - VERY crazy Russian travellers according to him. They aren't quite sure what has motivated their voyage - a combination of a Guiness World Record, lust for adventure, proving what inflatable monohulls can do - or a combination - they aren't sure. I think it might be the "Energy Diet" milkshakes they live on - don't know why anyone hasn't analysed those tubs of white powder properly . . . . However since they got here they'll carry on!

The one with the beard speaks English and is called "Jack", luckily

They are a really cheerful and nice bunch! Sang a lovely sea-shanty to us all at the end (not in English I think), and commended Chris Sutton and the club for all the hospitality. Special mention to our Craig McGiver of NSRI (and well known to us all), for jumping onto their boat out at the Kom and showing them in. They named him "best man in SA" which brought many cheers.  They say this gave them tremendous moral support.

Now - undaunted by this all - and after more makeshift repairs involving bits of string, wood, elastic bands and chewing gum (two of them have PhDs in Material Science) - they are leaving again - for Brazil - on Sunday.

We want to give them a good Hout Bay send-off as usual - and will get as many boats on the water to wish them on! Our Commodore has suggested a braai on the water and a bit of a raft-up - bring your boats, sausages, whistles, flags, guests, etc - and be there on Sunday at 10:30 onwards. Paddlers welcome, lilos, canoes, marina boats and dinghies also. The weather looks awesome!

Sunday morning - 10:30 - don't forget!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Invertor/GenSet for sale - bargain

Our friends on Energy Diet are selling their invertor/charger - its a great piece of kit - around $500 - its a bargain. Roy is selling for them I think. See more detail here.

Val moves on!

Roy snapped this rare pic of Val on the "other side". Val has finally retired after 32 years of service! HBYC is extremely indebted to Val (and Anne who is still here) for their outstanidng loyalty and service, working for a different committee each year can't be easy! They are the unsung champions of HBYC! This is a rare opic of Val - she hates the camera - but she owes us at least one, don't you think! See the smile! We wish her all the best.

Energy Diet!

(thanks to Roy McBride for the pics!)
Notice of Press Conference
Around The World on Three Balloons

On Thursday 27 January 2011 four intrepid Russian sailors rounded Cape Point on the inflatable trimaran “Energy Diet” designed and constructed by the captain of the expedition, Anatoly Kulik. This was part of a project to circumnavigate the world on a custom-built inflatable craft, the first stage from Thailand to the Emirates having been completed in 2008 and the second stage from India to the Seychelles having been completed in 2009. The current third stage is from Mauritius to Namibia and will be followed by stage four – Walvis Bay to Fortaleza (Brasil) - which will include an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the longest uninterrupted ocean passage on an inflatable trimaran. The trimaran is currently being hosted by Hout Bay Yacht Club, where preparations are being made for the next leg of the expedition up the west coast of Africa to Walvis Bay. Sailing enthusiasts and members of the media are invited to view the boat and attend a presentation on the expedition at the following Venue and Time: Thursday 3 February 2011 18:00 Hout Bay Yacht Club - Club House. For further information contact Karin Solomon: 083 781-2000 or Evgeni Kovalevski: 071 963-7065 For background information on the expedition, visit and run through Google Translate the site:
(information supplied by Karin Solomon)