Friday, February 18, 2011

Allistair Campbell ZS5MU - Silent key

As reported by the SA Radio League:

@Founder of the SA Maritime Mobile Net Silent Key.  Alistair Campbell ZS5MU  passed away peacefully in his sleep yesterday afternoon 14 February 2011. Alistair’s interest in marine matters started many years ago when Alistair helped a friend build a yacht. Once the yacht was completed and on the water they kept in contact via ham radio with Alistair giving him the weather conditions. It wasn’t long before other yachts started checking in with Alistair and the South African Maritime Mobile Net was born round about 26 October 1979. Our  thought go out to  his wife Davina , A special tribute with historic audio clips will be broadcast in Amateur Radio TODAY this Sunday

All cruising yachties will be familiar with Alistair and the SA Maritime Mobile Net, and the twice daily broadcasts Allistair ran for many years. See for more background.

I think the net will continue under the able support of Graham Griggs ZS2 ABK (based in Kenton on Sea), and Sam Maree ZS1SAM, (based in Glencairn/Simonstown). The SA Maritime Net is an invaluable aid to cruisers and yachts passing Southern Africa, and frequently has callers from Madagascar and beyond.

See for the history of the SAMM.

Go well Alistair - you will be missed by so many sailors . . .