Thursday, March 17, 2011

Farway wins again!

Faraway, after a cracking start, was the only finisher, in a fleet that included Megafreight, Savannah, and 2 pacers. Conditions up near the Chappies mark were quite horrendous, while there was hardly a breath near the beach and the club. One by one the fleet retired due to the strong winds, which Faraway just seemed to love! The bottle of wine went home with Mark if anyone wants to know!

Meanwile, the bridge was hard at work on the club deck, looking as officious as ever. Chief bridge officer is the man with the red shirt on the right, having a quick energy supplement (we''ll call him Jeremy for now), while the race observers can be seen at the far corner, complete with radio station. Backup teams are patiently seated around the tables.