Monday, May 30, 2011

More Sunday Race Results!

A fresh and steady Northwester, slightly cold conditions, and 5 boats ventured out. Course was set as two windward-leewards from Dunes-Chappies, which made fast and exhilirating racing, especially on Faraway, which was short of crew. There was great competition right until the end, where Faraway and Megafreight were both bearing down on Dunes mark before the finish. A sudden burst of Northwester saw Megafreight laid over for a few seconds, while Faraway just roared past with main flapping. As with last week, the pub kept going until late that day . . .

Results on PHRF:
1 Megafreight
2 Faraway
3 Hot Ice
4 Nandi
5 Savannah

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday Race Results

Perfect conditions, a flat sea, and a light but fairly steady SouthWester prevailed on Sunday morning. Sadly only 5 boats pitched, and Faraway had to withdraw being short of crew. Nevertheless, a great race ensued between Hot Ice, Savannah, Aquamaniac and Nandi. Course was set as three windward/leewards between Fish on the Rocks and Dunes Mark, with some tight racing inbetween. After racing, there was a pleasant atmosphere at the clubhouse deck, with wine and food and a short prizegiving running until mid afternoon!

Results on PHRF:
1 Hot Ice
2 Nandi
3 Aquamaniac
4 Savannah

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Saturday's Yot Grot!

Buddies, Budding Millionaires and Bargain Hunters!

Sellers, Socialites and Spenders!

The second Yot-Grot of the year was a great success too. Another one is already being planned for June!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Club Champs Blown Out . . .

Hout Bay at 09:15 on Sunday morning. White horses and spindrift.

As a rather heavy web user, there is no page I use more than Windguru. And this weekend that extended to,, including the synoptic charts and surface wind prediction models. Must have spent hours on this. Didn't help.

Much as it is an effort to setup something like the club champs, it is with equal reluctance that we called it off, both days, and quite early. Thanks to Chris, Jeremy and Keith (and others) who assisted with the calls, and moral support. Turns out the wind howled both days fairly consistently.

Not that we couldn't have sailed however, but it would have been a quite unpleasant in the somewhat wintery conditions. Half the fleet (2 pacers 27s, a Flamenca and the L26) would have been soaked. Never mind the bridge crew on the marina boat (don't worry about us they said, over umpteen capuccinos in the morning - which was just another way of saying "we aint going nowhere mate - shore-bridge or nutting!"

So Hout Bay's weather gods make their point again - who'd have thought we'd be blown out by the South Easter in mid-may . . .

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Club Champs this Weekend!

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