Monday, June 27, 2011

More Sunday Sailing.

It was blooming cold last Sunday - and blowing a fair stinker to start with. But 5 boats arrived - and we set out after some good coffee at Muriel's. Pat - after toying with the idea of taking out Shosholoza singlehanded - relented and sailed on Megafreight. That left Nandi, Quest and Savannah - singlehanded for the latter two. We exited the harbour with 20-25kts, and then all of a sardine ther was nothing . . . A short course followed - in which Nandi was first around the first mark - big suprise - but Megs charged back and cleaned us all up as usual. Quest and Savannah had to retire as the wind died completely - but we had  a result in the end - a great lunch - and a good day out anyway . . .
1. Megafreight
2. Nandi
3. Quest and Savnnah (DNF)

Another Mark goes AWOL

This time it was "Ore-Jetty". The recent North Westers took it off the rope and it washed up high on the rocks at Tintswalo luxury lodge.Until today I had never been there but what a nice place! It was an absolutely beautiful day to be knocking about on boats - but quite a tricky exercise nevertheless. The Mark - a hige steel sphere - was eventually towed off and is now safely back in the harbour. Unofrtunately no pics! Thanks to Roy and Immanuel (Marina Staff) who helped retrieve it - next thing is to lay it again at the usual position!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HBYC Forthcoming Attractions

Sailing on Sunday 19 June is cancelled due to Fathers Day, the Rally, and bad weather . ..

Fathers Day Special: Treasure Hunt
  • Sunday 19 June 0900 to approx. 14h00
  • Course Designer and Quiz Master – the famous Paul Pigneguy
  • Prize Giving to be held over lunch.
  • Entry Fee R10/head.
  • Participation in meal of the day at R50/head optional.
  • Please book at bar before Monday evening as numbers are limited and we are require numbers for catering purposes. 
Trivial Pursuit
  • Thursday 23 June 19h30
  • Entry R30/head, Meal of the day optional at R50/head.
  • Please ensure to pre-book at bar as numbers are limited

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Race Results

We started in ideal conditions at 3:08 with a fair turnout of 6 boats. By 3:30 most of us were being powered by the tide alone., and Quest was first to bail before being washed onto the rocks at Fish-on-the-Rocks. By 3:45 we had 4 DNFs, leaving Hot Ice and Megafreight to finish, who seem to be able to make their own wind. Conditions however, were great for a day out in the open, and a good few beers made it onto the club deck soon after. More next week . . . .

1 Hot Ice
2 Megafreight