Monday, June 27, 2011

More Sunday Sailing.

It was blooming cold last Sunday - and blowing a fair stinker to start with. But 5 boats arrived - and we set out after some good coffee at Muriel's. Pat - after toying with the idea of taking out Shosholoza singlehanded - relented and sailed on Megafreight. That left Nandi, Quest and Savannah - singlehanded for the latter two. We exited the harbour with 20-25kts, and then all of a sardine ther was nothing . . . A short course followed - in which Nandi was first around the first mark - big suprise - but Megs charged back and cleaned us all up as usual. Quest and Savannah had to retire as the wind died completely - but we had  a result in the end - a great lunch - and a good day out anyway . . .
1. Megafreight
2. Nandi
3. Quest and Savnnah (DNF)