Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wow what a day in Hout Bay!

Normally the post is called Sunday Sailing results! But this was "The perfect day"! Light steady breeze, and the sea as flat as a pond! Some of the cruisers had elected to stay the night out in the bay - in fact the last three nights in some cases - so we used one of them as a race mark as well. The harbour was crawling with tourists, icecreams, seagulls and a few fishermen. And traffic . . .

 Faraway, Aquamaniac wafted in within seconds of each other at the finish, after trading places themselves and Megafreight for the entire race.
View onboard Quest, showcasing the fierce conditions . . .
1 Megafreight
2 Aquamaniac
3 Nandi
4 Quest
5 Faraway