Thursday, August 25, 2011

San Franscisco gears up for 2013 Americas Cup

Thanks to Eric Levin (an ex-colleague and good friend) - for this pic, taken yesterday in San Francisco. Lets hope the politics get sorted out in time!

Monday, August 22, 2011

News from Dixi Rollar

Hello everybody,hope things going fine. Well,almost 3 month when I send our last email. So,here another up date. We have met some yachtis all who have been in Cape Town: Ryan&Brenda Cilliers on 'Island Khaya',Alistair&Sue Easton on 'African Star' ( both couples from South African), John on 'Faraway' and Nick&Jill and they daughter Roxy on 'Mallymawk'. Officially we became a Godparents of a girl and a boy,so for someone didn't want kids I have 4: 2 step daughters and 2 godchildren,probably the best motherhood ever ! Hahahaha. We manage to put the boat on the river bank and scrape 1 1/2 year of growth of the bottom of the boat and antifoul her,all that happen in 2 days(see the photos below). We are waiting for the wind to turn in our favour,but look's like Steve's visa will expired before that happens,so we will have to motor sail almost a day to get away from the coast and beat against the wind and current before we can sail down. So,we will be set sail on the first weekend of September,that will be on the 3rd or 4th.Steve 's birthday will be on the Ocean(04/09). We put some adds on find a crew website,but no luck. My niece would come with us if wasn't for passport issue. So,just myself,Steve and God will set sail. Who didn't want that crew member,this last one is the most qualified! Hope to see some of you in Cape Town before Xmas! Love and Beijos Renata&Steve

Friday, August 12, 2011

Roger Orpen's son Chester joins the tallship "Stadt Amsterdam"

Life on a tallship is quite interesting, not to put too fine a point on it. For a young school-leaver it will be an amazing adventure, and I must say I envy the lad when comparing with the two years national service we had in the bad old days! 

Read about it in the HBYC Cruising World section.

Stadt Amsterdam under full sail

Monday, August 8, 2011

Jeanne Socrates, SV Nereida

For me, one of the nicest things about being part of a club like HBYC, situated at the foot of Africa, is the string of amazing people who visit us from time to time. The latest is Jeanne Socrates, a very brave woman and sailor, who is singlehanding her Najad 380 all over the world, in a quest to do a singlehanded non-stop circumnavigation. Jeanne gave a talk at the HBYC clubhouse last Thursday evening, telling us of her adventures, including a vicious knockdown off Cape Horn. In her brief time in Cape Town she has climbed every mountain, seen every beach, and even done some club sailing! Fit and fearless!!!

left-click for fullsize
Jeanne's home, SV Nereida, parked in the HBYC Marina

Of all the long-distance cruisers to come this way, I think this one must be the neatest, cleanest best-kept example of the lot. Note the handy cutter rig, and the ample powerstation on the gantry. Inside she is very well fitted and comfortable.

We wish Jeanne all the best for her future adventures! Read her blog and website at Her radio (ham) callsign is KC2IOV.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Christmas in July!

"Christmas in July" was undoubtedly one of the best parties at HBYC in recent years!

I simply don't have words to explain this one, but the pictures tell the story quite nicely!

This event was remarkable in that so many people were involved - all helping to make it happen - just the way a club should be! Never mind our Commodore and the First Lady - sporting legends have no bounds, or boundaries it seems! Never mind the rest of 'em too. You know who you are - Berend, Parker, Henk, Henry etc. Throw in a couple of wigs, hats and some fishnet stockings, mix with gluwein, and your camera will pay for itself in minutes!

In the true spirit of Christmas, a quick whip-around raised quite a few hundred rands for the bar staff, which el-Commodore graciously presented on behalf of the party! Thanks to all of them.

All credit to CEO Penny Geyser and the all-star cast of:

Father Christmas: Berend
Fairies: Robin and Henk
Choreography: Audrey
Gluwein Welcome Drink: Cheryl
Tuna Pate: Janet
Turkey: cooked by La Cuccina and carved by George
Hams: cooked by Henrie and also by Janet’s sister, Ann
Traditional Stuffing: Ann Dean
Crispy Stuffing and Gravy: Les Appleby
Cheese/broccolli Bake: Janet
Trifle: Penny
Mince Pies: Cheryl
With thanks to Anita, Cheryl and Les for the loan of the hot trays
Collection of Turkeys: Pat & Pat
Special Wines: Jurgen
Service: Verna, Wayne, Thelma, Yaolin, Barnet, and team!!