Monday, August 1, 2011

Christmas in July!

"Christmas in July" was undoubtedly one of the best parties at HBYC in recent years!

I simply don't have words to explain this one, but the pictures tell the story quite nicely!

This event was remarkable in that so many people were involved - all helping to make it happen - just the way a club should be! Never mind our Commodore and the First Lady - sporting legends have no bounds, or boundaries it seems! Never mind the rest of 'em too. You know who you are - Berend, Parker, Henk, Henry etc. Throw in a couple of wigs, hats and some fishnet stockings, mix with gluwein, and your camera will pay for itself in minutes!

In the true spirit of Christmas, a quick whip-around raised quite a few hundred rands for the bar staff, which el-Commodore graciously presented on behalf of the party! Thanks to all of them.

All credit to CEO Penny Geyser and the all-star cast of:

Father Christmas: Berend
Fairies: Robin and Henk
Choreography: Audrey
Gluwein Welcome Drink: Cheryl
Tuna Pate: Janet
Turkey: cooked by La Cuccina and carved by George
Hams: cooked by Henrie and also by Janet’s sister, Ann
Traditional Stuffing: Ann Dean
Crispy Stuffing and Gravy: Les Appleby
Cheese/broccolli Bake: Janet
Trifle: Penny
Mince Pies: Cheryl
With thanks to Anita, Cheryl and Les for the loan of the hot trays
Collection of Turkeys: Pat & Pat
Special Wines: Jurgen
Service: Verna, Wayne, Thelma, Yaolin, Barnet, and team!!