Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Night Sailing Results

Hout Bay up to its usual tricks today - 0-35kts+, 0-360 degrees. Three intrepid boats pitched, Faraway (skipper is a bit crazy usually, but with their new paint all round they were were going out come hell or high water), Nandi (what a spirited crew who never back off), and Quest of course (thats me). Savannah, usually very game for the fresh conditions, had her crew out of town unfortunately, as with a few of the others. Lots of splashing and grunting, a few hats lost, shoes in the water, salt in the hair, 8-9kts showing at times - it was all over after a single sausage from Dunes-Chappies. Pat said he found muscles huring he didn't even know he had, even a few Oysters he thinks. Me too. Nothing like a bit of fresh air to make an ordinary hamburger taste like the kings food.

Results under PHRF
1 Faraway (nice to see the regular crew back to christen the new paint!)
2 Nandi (totally under control and sailing very consistently)
3 Quest (the smallest boat with the biggest name!)

More next week!