Thursday, March 1, 2012

End of the road for the Big Red Boat

Thanks to Roy McBride and his trusty Canon G11 for the pics.

Yesterday, 29 Feb, was the end for the Big Red Boat. In fact it was a van der Laan design, about 56' on deck as I remember. It would have made a great little ship as a liveaboard cruiser. This boat had quite a few previous owners, each passing it on after they ran out of time or budget, or health reasons. However in this market (global recession) a new owner could not be found depsite a radical price reduction. The scrap merchants took it away in pieces - in just a few hours with a cutting torch it was gone . . . The keel however was a slightly more difficult problem. Filled with concrete and iron balls, it was too heavy for the crane - and took quite a while to break down.

Any prospective buyers looking for similar old steel hulls need not despair - Hout Bay has a few other bagains waiting about . . . see below . . .