Thursday, March 1, 2012

Verna turns 15, or is it 60?

Verna and Commodore Chris Sutton, after the club handed over a present from the members! Verna has faithfully served the club for just about 30 years, and remains a very popular and valued part of the furniture! Long may it last. As a "leap year baby" she is a very rare find!
The party went on quite a while - led by Frankie, Enda (on guitar) and Aidan, including a few creditable guest appearances from others.

The Sailing results saw Faraway take #1 in a blistering return to form, with Savannah blasting in behind in #2 (in ideal Miura conditions), and Nandi in #3.
Welcome back to Peter Loubser, seriously injured late last year during a crash-gybe.