Friday, April 27, 2012

Discovery reaches St Helena

Chris, Rob, Joyce and George will have just reached St Helena as I write this, on Friday morning, after a two week passage of 1510 nm(3000 kms). Haven't had confirmation yet but I expect they will have arrived during last night, and waited for first light before anchoring. I am keen to see how exactly they will anchor - there are mooring buoys in the anchorage there, but it was said they would anchor. However they have only 40m of chain, for a depth of 20m, so a lenght of rode will be needed. Probably still safer than tying onto the mooring buoys as several yachts have come adrift in recent times, with disasterous consequences.

Look out for George's and Rob's (seperate) facebook pages in the next few days - they will no doubt post a wealth of photos etc.

See it all here!