Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thai Cooking!

Undoubdtedly, HBYC is a club of many talents, and the list is apparently still growing. I would normally credit the photographer for these pics but the quality appears to be limited by a cellphone with the flash on I think!

All credit to the organisers, it was a great evening on an otherwise cold night!

Remember the BIG MEXICAN PARTY on Saturday 30 July - a few tickets still available.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Junior Sailing Pics

JML3 is back in the water, and stuff is happening! All credit to Sam Legatt, RC Beach Sailing. Not only the L26, but we have a good few dinghies on the water every week. Its fantastic, and thanks again to the National Lottery who are sponsoring much of this.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Quest's Annual Bath and Haircut

This is what happens if you don't sail enough! Quest has been idle since December.
Last scrub was in about October 2011. Yuck.

In this case nothing that couldn't be fixed with a day off, a high-pressure hose and a can of anti-fouling. This job was done by yours truly at the Hout Bay Boatyard. I was lifted out at 9 am and back in the water at 3pm on a nice sunny Friday. In winter the boatyard is quiet, the boat was left in the slings of the travel-lift. Its a very convenient height to work at. The winter special that they offer costs R1368 for an in-out on the same day. If you fancy doing your own cleaning job, take a decent high-pressure hose, a tall step-ladder (if you want to climb aboard), a scraper, a can of anti-fouling, rollers and brushes, rags, lacquer thinners, some plastic sheeting to catch drips, a scraper, a small plastic step, a hosepipe with end-fittings, an extension lead, some sandwiches and beer, and a camera. Ah - and also an electric drill with a paint-stirrer - the anti-fouling needs a good stirring. And remember to have 4 x 6m lines on your boat for handling at the travel-lift - two aft and two on the bow. If you want to replace anodes, take them as well with suitable screws and things. If there is other work to do, rather arrange to go onto a cradle for a few days - it does cost more though . . . .

Melanie (admin) answers the phone at the Hout Bay Boatyard - Warren is the yard manager - 021 790 5624. Boats with deep draughts may be subject to tidal restrictions on the day.
Good luck!

Sunday Sailing Results

Nice conditions with a flat sea, about 7-12kts Northwester, reasonably steady. Five boats turned out including Faraway, Megafreight, Nandi, Savannah and Quest (back from a long absence). Racing was fairly close right across the fleet.

Corrected results:
1 Megafreight
2 Nandi
3 Faraway
4 Quest
5 Savannah (DNF due to sudden loss of wind at the end)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Someone Left the Galley Door Open . . . .

I see there is now a new subsection in the club - besides motorcycling, drinking, dancing running, paddling and er, sailing. Besides the obvious fun these young men are having discovering the mysteries of a kitchen, they are apparently learning to cook. I wonder if they washed up . . .

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jubilee Day!

HBYC had quite afew boats out on Monday afternoon to observe the Gun Salute for the Queens Jubilee. All photos credit to Roy McBride and his trusty Canon G11.
The Union Jack flies proudly on Ocean Cloud!
Tahlita was there too.
Tale Teller - Tommy Maben's Classic Vertue 26

The view from Ocean Cloud