Monday, July 30, 2012

Lipton Auction 2012

The Lipton Auction has returned in 2012 after a break over the last two years. Returned with avengeance I should say! Over R20k was raised to support the club's youth-sailing campaign for Lipton 2012, hot on the heels of their brilliant success at the PicknPay Youth Regatta (previous post). I understand the hangovers were also at least on a par with the Mexican Party, and the general clowning-about hit a new record too! Thanks to Jeremy and all members who contributed the pictures - not bad for cellphones in low light I think!
Click on them for full size!
Tony of RCYC handing over the trophy to HBYC's JML team.
How cool is that!

The obligatory picture of Jurgen who gets into every slideshow somehow!
Must be his cheerful face!

HBYC paying attention. Can only be prizes, money or wet T-shirts . . .

The "Mystery Prize" that Robin Parker very kindy bought for R450, thus saving the club the need to display it in the entrance way. . .

Wow - a wave jumper! Look out for this one next year.

The Auction chief conspirators, (acting) el-Commodore Jeremy, and Robin Parker (also acting). Would you buy a used teapot from these two?

More next year! Meanwhile, well dne again to JML-3 and all the best for Lipton 2012!