Sunday, August 5, 2012

Great new book on the Traditional Boat Association

I was very priviliged to receive a copy of this book last week through Roy McBride. It is a great piece of work by Colin Davies (with help from his friends), who tells the story of the Cape Town T.B.A. and its various interesting characters. I know (or know of) most of the names (as many local sailors will), but the context and what they got up to in the T.B.A. was quite revealing. It really was a very interesting time, and the T.B.A. a fine institution. Sadly, the T.B.A. was wound up earlier this year, but I think the best of it is preserved in this fine book. I should mention all the fine cartoons that were used to bill the events and meetings of those years are included - quite amazing. It covers a great piece of Cape Towns boating history.

Roy McBride may still have a few copies left - they can be had for R120 which is donated to the N.S.R.I.

Well done to Colin and all those who helped put this together!