Friday, August 17, 2012

Skip Novak's Talk

Jeremy Nel, Skip Novak, chatting before the show!

 Skip is behind the pool table, see whats on the screen!

Fascinated faces of the HBYC Members

For me personally, this must rate as one of the most interesting and best delivered presentations I have seen in many years. I can't summarise it here, suffice to say this is no ordinary man, and the stuff he gets up to is almost beyond belief. After this, I think more than a few of us were left with a new resolution to get out of the bar from time to time . . . .

Skip is a US citizen by birth, moved to the UK at 24, did every big-name yacht race worth talking about until about 10 years ago, then started some REAL adventure specialising in the area around Cape Horn! He has mixed it with all the big names you can imagine, but comes across with delightful understatement and humility. We were very lucky to meet this great man, those who get to sail with him are far luckier still. Ask Jeremy Nel!

If it's the Roaring Forties, Cape Horn, South Georgia, adventure skiing, mountaineering, photography, or just extreme adventure you are looking for - Skip is your man. Or even just sight-seeing - you don't have to be a trained adventurer! Thank you Skip.

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