Monday, October 1, 2012

Hows this one for a Fireside Tale!?

Jo Charnock and Jan Wouters used to have a 47' steel boat in Hout Bay. They sailed off to the UK (or somewhere in Europe), and for various reasons sold that boat and decided to come back via the Cairo to Cape Town route on bicycles, folding bicycles that is!!!! Jan felt that folding bicycles make it easier to get lifts, catch trains etc, and it certainly is an interesting travel philosophy. They call it hitch-biking.

 Their talk was all about this adventure, about Africa, people, and travel. And how things are never what they seem to be, its just a matter of attitude! Anyway, they made the trip safely and successfully, with remarkably little trouble. Never ones to rest, they leave tomorrow (Tuesday 2 October as I recall) for yet another adventure on folding bikes from Mozambique to Namibia on the shoreline!

Jurgen tries his hand. He was somewhat more successful than the next guy who flipped right over the settee you see there, with "wiele in die lug"!

Links to the adentures of Jan and Jo can be found here and here, and are very interesting!