Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wednesday Night Racing

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What a beautiful evening to be on the water. Six boats turned out in the very light conditions. Originally hoping for a race to Vulcan, conditions were too light, and we settled on a course in the bay. Megafreight retired soon after the first leg, citing concerns about pending darkness, followed soon after by Aquamaniac, and headed straight for the pub.

Almost immediately, a slight breeze flowed off the mountain and spirited the remaining four around the rest of the course. Faraway had a good old ding-dong with JML-3, while Savannah and Quest had their customary battle at the rear. In fact it was really great racing!

Final results on PHRF showed:

1 Quest  Justin Phillips 0.840 19:06:30 3352
2 JML-3 Theo Yon 0.965 18:59:15 3431
3 Savannah Keith Gemmell 0.910 19:07:30 3686
4 Faraway Chris Sutton 1.112 18:56:56 3799
5,6 Megafreight, Aquamaniac DNF