Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday Racing, not this time

 Williwaws below Chappies
View from Fish on the Rocks. 
I think the fish just blow into their kitchen window....

Well we didn't sail on Wednesday, or Thursday, and it looks much the same for Friday. Trees were uprooted, sand is everywhere. Going to be an expensive summer if we don't get out of the bar....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good Fellows!

GOOD FELLOWS: Hout Bay Yacht Club development trainees, from left, Mark Johnson, Junior Daniels, Evan Yon , Lorenzo Yon, Quaid Adonis and trainer, Theo Yon, welcome the two new additions to the fleet donated by Roger Orpen on Jolly Roger and Robin Parker with Jolly Parker. Picture by Kayla Parker.

HBYC Press Release  (thanks also to Robin Parker)

Youth Development Sailing at Hout Bay’s yacht club has received a major boost with the donation of two new sail training vessels from club members.

Former commodore, Robin Parker, donated a new 09’er (a base training dinghy) to the sail training school as the winner of a club draw for the boat aimed at boosting the fleet and providing additional money for additional purchases. Likewise, long-serving member, Roger Orpen, paid for the acquisition of another craft. They have been aptly named Jolly Parker and Jolly Roger and have already had their keels wet.

The two new donations brought the existing fleet of the youth development training initiative to 7 with a plan to acquire more complex Laser Pico’s for advanced training before crews take to the highly competitive environment aboard the Jewish Maritime League’s L26 Class “JML 3”, which recently performed exceedingly well at the Lipton Challenge Cup for L26’s, held in False Bay.

While the Laser Pico’s will provide much welcome relief from the demand to join the initiative under Sam Leggatt and award winning skipper, Theo Yon, himself a product of the youth development scheme, it will still not be enough to satisfy the curiosity of at least another 8 youngsters from Hout Bay who crowd the quayside on training days hoping for their turn on the water.

Vice commodore, Jeremy Nel, who pioneered the latest round of advancements in youth development, by successfully encouraging the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund to donate a sizeable sum to create better facilities at the club, says: “It is a wonderful gesture of behalf of Robin and Roger and we would sincerely hope others will follow with similar classes or other capable vessels to ensure this effort gains momentum. Sailing is a wonderful educational tool, teaching discipline and respect, particular in an environment where in many areas social cohesion has deteriorated.”

Nel hopes to soon see Laser Pico’s on the water followed by larger, more complex Lasers 4.7’s, or RSA Tera’s  to fulfil a growing need among the Valley’s youth for a chance to develop a sailing future.

So far this year the club has held several events designed to raise funds for development including a highly successful auction. More are planned in the future along with quayside developments to make access to the water easier.

Should you wish for your child to participate in this programme, please call the Hout Bay Yacht Club on 021-790 3110 in order that we may assist in their growth and education on the water.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Wednesday Sailing

This lovely picture of the start of last night's race from Pierre's iPhone belies the wild conditions we sailed in. 20-30 knots it was, what a workout!

After some deliberation (on whether to sail or not), we set a port course around Dunes, Fish-on-the-Rocks and Ore-Jetty. Faraway streaked off never to be seen again, while a close battle ensued between JML-3 and Nandi for 2nd place. Savannah moved around the course with dignity and control and reasonable speed, whilst Quest battled a bit in the conditions. Beer and supper was well earned I can tell you!

Thanks to Pierre for running the bridge.

Results, pending the numbers, showed:

1 Faraway
2 JML-3
3 Nandi
4 Savannah
5 Quest

Sunday, November 18, 2012

What Walter has for breakfast!!!

This is Walter, he that co-owns and runs Muriel's Munchies outside the club. The reason Muriel isn't in the picture is because she isn't the one having about 9 pounds of sweet pastry for breakfast! I could hardly believe my eyes walking past the club this morning - Walter had just settled down to tackle this monster pie, and seemingly to prove to Tim Noakes and others that not all people are carbohydrate intolerant! Amazingly Walter is not a bit overweight. He claims to be Austrian or German I think, but I can tell you there's more than a bit of Danish in him today!!

Try their food, it's always fresh and of the best quality and very reasonable. Did I mention Walter is an ex vice-Commodore of HBYC, and a long standing member too?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Jolly Roger takes the Lead!

What a sight from the club deck!
Our new boat (Jolly Roger) from the auction is on its maiden voyage and right in front I understand! Viva HBYC Junior Sailing!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday Sailing, wild and weird!

Our lovely braai table, as seen by my old Nokia,
evidently now with a saltwater haze on the lense.

Sorry no sailing pics this time, I really had my hands full last night with laying and moving marks, fouled halyards, mainsail jumping off the clew, stopwatch wouldn't work for the countdown sequence etc. And 25 knots. So a pic of our braai-table must suffice, its a great tradition after sailing!

The wind looked SouthWest at 17:30, at 17:45 it was clearly South East. Mark was moved to Chappies. Start slightly delayed one way or another, we got under way at 18:12. Absolutely mauled under Chappies, then a wild bob-sleigh ride down to Ore Jetty. Then ..... nothing..... except a miserable chop (on the sea I mean). Course was shortened to include another small triangle up to Fish on Rocks. All boats finished except yours truly on Quest (already showing my running lights), and Aquamaniac. Character building stuff.

Thanks to Chris Sutton on Faraway for bringing the mark down from home, then fetching it after the race, and doing the scoring as he always does.

Aries JML 3  Theo Yon 0.965 1   14-Nov-12    19:06:00   1.000  3821
Megafreight No 3 Jendo Ocenasek   1.075  2 14-Nov-12   19:02:00 2.000  3999
Faraway No 3  Nick Fairley  1.005  4   14-Nov-12    19:18:00  4.000  4703
Quest Justin Phillips  0.840 5   14-Nov-12  DNF  DNF  7.000
Aquamania Tojan Winterbach 1.000    6   14-Nov-12  DNF  DNF  7.000
Savannah  Keith Gemmell   0.910  7 14-Nov-12   DNS  DNS  8.000

Monday, November 12, 2012

Summer Series 1, a great day on the water...

 Savannah and Quest retired after five hours, as the wind died completely...
Time to put the running lights on and call it a day!

Sunday was the first of our new weekend "Summer Series" racing. The idea was to have 2-3 races perhaps, but the conditions seemed right for a middle-distance race, for which many competitors had been nagging quite a while. So we laid a mark out near the south-end of Noordhoek beach, complete with GPS co-ords etc, and laid a course out past Vulcan Rock, down to the South Mark, and back to the harbour via ore-Jetty.

The first leg of this race was very unusual, with the small boats suprising some of the rest by streaking out ahead. Except for Faraway, who practically disappeared from the start. Faraway and Megafreight seem to find their gears in the light winds, and made it back into the bay, where they were becalmed, retired and headed straight for the bar. The rest of us waited several more hours before coming to the same conclusion. Except JML-3!!! They were the only finisher and so took home the coveted first prize, whatever that is.

It wasn't a bad day out though! Long live the Summer Series!

HBYC's Junior Sailing programme gets a fantastic boost!

 Roger unveils the name "Jolly Roger".
Many thanks to Roger for his very generous donation!
Theo Yon, accepting the proceeds from Robin Parker
(two new 09ers and some cash!!)
on behalf of HBYC's Youth Sailing Programme.
In the centre is Jeremy Nel, he with the big smile
who managed this whole affair (as usual!)
Hout Bay Yacht Club's Junior Sailing continues to go from strength to strenghth. The sailing programme is in full swing, the 09ers are out regularly with the little ones, and the L26 contiues to thrash the rest of us with the more advanced sailors.
In this case the club received a generous donation from Roger, which we raffled - in order to raise funds for the Youth Sailing programme. As it happens, the draw was won by Robin Parker who then kindly donated it back to the programme. So the club is richer by two brand new 09ers, plus some cash!
Well done to all those who were involved in this great programme. Is this happy news or what?!

Monday, November 5, 2012

HBYC Junior Sailing Programme in full swing!

Jeremy Nel sent me these pics. I dont know who took them, it doesnt matter though! What a wonderful sight. Sailors and public alike stopped in their tracks to watch this wonderful sight as the little ones learnt the ropes in Hout Bay Harbour. Many many thanks to Sam, to the HBYC committee, and the SA Lotto Board for making this all possible. These kids are having a great time and learning one of the best sports possible. They will remember this more than anything at school......

You can do a lot worse than get your kid sailing! HBYCs junior programme is working really well.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Windy Wednesday

This is what the bay looked like at 16:30 on Wednesday. Further out there were notable "wind spouts" and generally conditions were horrible.

I noticed one of the island ferrys going out to the island in this gale, what have they learned in a week? Later the skipper radioed me to say conditions were horrible, at some point they had seen sixty knots on the bay. Needless to say the bar was the winner.

At 18:00, almost exactly, the wind subsided to about 10-15 knots in the inner bay . . . . ! What is a person supposed to do? But I must admit it was still quite wild further out. Anyway, we live to fight again next week!

Meanwhile, good luck to Faraway on the Yachtport overnight race (Fri/Sat). Conditions look good if a bit light. But they have a nice flat sea to return on, and a great party in the offing. (Now all they need is a good skipper (hahaha lets see if our commodore reads this blog!))