Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good Fellows!

GOOD FELLOWS: Hout Bay Yacht Club development trainees, from left, Mark Johnson, Junior Daniels, Evan Yon , Lorenzo Yon, Quaid Adonis and trainer, Theo Yon, welcome the two new additions to the fleet donated by Roger Orpen on Jolly Roger and Robin Parker with Jolly Parker. Picture by Kayla Parker.

HBYC Press Release  (thanks also to Robin Parker)

Youth Development Sailing at Hout Bay’s yacht club has received a major boost with the donation of two new sail training vessels from club members.

Former commodore, Robin Parker, donated a new 09’er (a base training dinghy) to the sail training school as the winner of a club draw for the boat aimed at boosting the fleet and providing additional money for additional purchases. Likewise, long-serving member, Roger Orpen, paid for the acquisition of another craft. They have been aptly named Jolly Parker and Jolly Roger and have already had their keels wet.

The two new donations brought the existing fleet of the youth development training initiative to 7 with a plan to acquire more complex Laser Pico’s for advanced training before crews take to the highly competitive environment aboard the Jewish Maritime League’s L26 Class “JML 3”, which recently performed exceedingly well at the Lipton Challenge Cup for L26’s, held in False Bay.

While the Laser Pico’s will provide much welcome relief from the demand to join the initiative under Sam Leggatt and award winning skipper, Theo Yon, himself a product of the youth development scheme, it will still not be enough to satisfy the curiosity of at least another 8 youngsters from Hout Bay who crowd the quayside on training days hoping for their turn on the water.

Vice commodore, Jeremy Nel, who pioneered the latest round of advancements in youth development, by successfully encouraging the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund to donate a sizeable sum to create better facilities at the club, says: “It is a wonderful gesture of behalf of Robin and Roger and we would sincerely hope others will follow with similar classes or other capable vessels to ensure this effort gains momentum. Sailing is a wonderful educational tool, teaching discipline and respect, particular in an environment where in many areas social cohesion has deteriorated.”

Nel hopes to soon see Laser Pico’s on the water followed by larger, more complex Lasers 4.7’s, or RSA Tera’s  to fulfil a growing need among the Valley’s youth for a chance to develop a sailing future.

So far this year the club has held several events designed to raise funds for development including a highly successful auction. More are planned in the future along with quayside developments to make access to the water easier.

Should you wish for your child to participate in this programme, please call the Hout Bay Yacht Club on 021-790 3110 in order that we may assist in their growth and education on the water.