Thursday, November 22, 2012

More Wednesday Sailing

This lovely picture of the start of last night's race from Pierre's iPhone belies the wild conditions we sailed in. 20-30 knots it was, what a workout!

After some deliberation (on whether to sail or not), we set a port course around Dunes, Fish-on-the-Rocks and Ore-Jetty. Faraway streaked off never to be seen again, while a close battle ensued between JML-3 and Nandi for 2nd place. Savannah moved around the course with dignity and control and reasonable speed, whilst Quest battled a bit in the conditions. Beer and supper was well earned I can tell you!

Thanks to Pierre for running the bridge.

Results, pending the numbers, showed:

1 Faraway
2 JML-3
3 Nandi
4 Savannah
5 Quest