Monday, November 12, 2012

Summer Series 1, a great day on the water...

 Savannah and Quest retired after five hours, as the wind died completely...
Time to put the running lights on and call it a day!

Sunday was the first of our new weekend "Summer Series" racing. The idea was to have 2-3 races perhaps, but the conditions seemed right for a middle-distance race, for which many competitors had been nagging quite a while. So we laid a mark out near the south-end of Noordhoek beach, complete with GPS co-ords etc, and laid a course out past Vulcan Rock, down to the South Mark, and back to the harbour via ore-Jetty.

The first leg of this race was very unusual, with the small boats suprising some of the rest by streaking out ahead. Except for Faraway, who practically disappeared from the start. Faraway and Megafreight seem to find their gears in the light winds, and made it back into the bay, where they were becalmed, retired and headed straight for the bar. The rest of us waited several more hours before coming to the same conclusion. Except JML-3!!! They were the only finisher and so took home the coveted first prize, whatever that is.

It wasn't a bad day out though! Long live the Summer Series!