Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday Sailing, wild and weird!

Our lovely braai table, as seen by my old Nokia,
evidently now with a saltwater haze on the lense.

Sorry no sailing pics this time, I really had my hands full last night with laying and moving marks, fouled halyards, mainsail jumping off the clew, stopwatch wouldn't work for the countdown sequence etc. And 25 knots. So a pic of our braai-table must suffice, its a great tradition after sailing!

The wind looked SouthWest at 17:30, at 17:45 it was clearly South East. Mark was moved to Chappies. Start slightly delayed one way or another, we got under way at 18:12. Absolutely mauled under Chappies, then a wild bob-sleigh ride down to Ore Jetty. Then ..... nothing..... except a miserable chop (on the sea I mean). Course was shortened to include another small triangle up to Fish on Rocks. All boats finished except yours truly on Quest (already showing my running lights), and Aquamaniac. Character building stuff.

Thanks to Chris Sutton on Faraway for bringing the mark down from home, then fetching it after the race, and doing the scoring as he always does.

Aries JML 3  Theo Yon 0.965 1   14-Nov-12    19:06:00   1.000  3821
Megafreight No 3 Jendo Ocenasek   1.075  2 14-Nov-12   19:02:00 2.000  3999
Faraway No 3  Nick Fairley  1.005  4   14-Nov-12    19:18:00  4.000  4703
Quest Justin Phillips  0.840 5   14-Nov-12  DNF  DNF  7.000
Aquamania Tojan Winterbach 1.000    6   14-Nov-12  DNF  DNF  7.000
Savannah  Keith Gemmell   0.910  7 14-Nov-12   DNS  DNS  8.000