Thursday, November 1, 2012

Windy Wednesday

This is what the bay looked like at 16:30 on Wednesday. Further out there were notable "wind spouts" and generally conditions were horrible.

I noticed one of the island ferrys going out to the island in this gale, what have they learned in a week? Later the skipper radioed me to say conditions were horrible, at some point they had seen sixty knots on the bay. Needless to say the bar was the winner.

At 18:00, almost exactly, the wind subsided to about 10-15 knots in the inner bay . . . . ! What is a person supposed to do? But I must admit it was still quite wild further out. Anyway, we live to fight again next week!

Meanwhile, good luck to Faraway on the Yachtport overnight race (Fri/Sat). Conditions look good if a bit light. But they have a nice flat sea to return on, and a great party in the offing. (Now all they need is a good skipper (hahaha lets see if our commodore reads this blog!))