Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hout Bay yachts leave for CROCS Regatta

JML-3 leaves first - pickup those fenders!
Theo on the stick, Sam was on board too.

 Nandi Storms out under main sail.
Faraway crosses the line, 
they have to catch the others before Cape Town....

We had a nice pursuit race organised from HBYC-RCYC for CROCS on Wednesday. Quest and Savannah weren't able to leave on Wednesday as scheduled, but will likely go Friday.

An hour after the start, nandi was well in the lead screaming up to Llandudno, with JML a few minutes behind with the bag up. faraway hadn't come into view yet. Last I heard they were all caught in the infamous hole of Clifton..... don't think we had a result but they had a dam fine sail anyway. CROCS runs over the weekend from Sat-Mon in Table Bay.