Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hout Bay Yachts at the start of the Wednesday night race.

Variable conditions but good sailing and great scenery! 
Faraway took this one, followed by Hot Ice and Aquamaniac.

Cruisers start arriving on the Marina!

 At this time of the year we get a fair number of cruisers stopping at HBYC and other SA Ports, especially since the Suez route is effectively closed due to piracy. I believe the marina is fully occupied for some months now. Thanks to Roy McBride for the pics.

In this pic we have Pete Shaw (of Sparcraft) and Ken Pollard. Peter fitted the original mast of Fast Forward and has come down to inspect it after her circumnavigation. Always something interesting happening down there...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Orphan's Indeed!

News just in:

"ORPHANS INDEED: Members of the Orphans Club, from left, Jimmy Higgins, Reinhard Klose, Henk van t'Hof, Achim Duncker,, Jeremy Nel, Henrie Geyser, Ron Dean and Mike Lundy, all of Hout Bay, admire the selection of fine wines on auction at their annual gather at the Hout Bay Yacht Club last week. The
Orphans, a group of businessmen in small or one man business, gather for a Christmas lunch as their businesses don't traditionally have one. The 26 strong group choose to spend their money on raising funds for fishing pensioners in the Hangberg area. This year they raised more than R17-000 through "fines" and bids which will support a church organised group that supplements  food and clothing for pensioners living on meagre income. The money is enough to support the organising committee's work for a year."

This is an outstanding achievement from a small group of people in the club, and was a purely spontaneous gesture from a bunch of our stalwart members. Makes one proud to be part of HBYC!

(picture to follow!)

Welcome Back to Taffy and Shirley (and Rubbish), aboard "The Road"!

"The Road" enters Hout Bay harbour at 7am this morning. 
Thanks to Roy McBride for the pics!

Tied up right next to the berth they left from twelve years ago!
What an adventure!

I can't help noticing they are tied up alongside the Miura Tenacity, herself with two great loops under the belt. And just over from Fast Forward, also back from a circumnavigation! 
HBYC remains a club of accomplished cruisers and adventurers.
Well done "The Road"!

Angelo Lavranos, Designer of the Lavranos 40 (I think it is) -  and too many other great boats to mention - tells us only five of these were built, and that now three of these have circumnavigated...!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SV "The Road"

For those of you who know Taffy and Shirley (and Rubbish!) onboard "The Road", they will be completing a long circumnavigation soon and arriving back in Hout Bay about late November, weather permitting. They are in the company of another yacht "Pangolin" which can be tracked here - this will give a good indication of where "The Road" is at any time. 

Currently they are in Reunion Island near Madagascar, leaving tomorrow for Richard's Bay -  with a fair little sail ahead of them! wishing them fair winds and a safe passage. Will advise when they have an e.t.a. - it would be nice to have a welcoming party!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Wednesday night results, 16 October

Very close racing! 
A clear lead from Aquamania,  only 3s between Savannah, Megafreight and Faraway, with Hot Ice and JML very close behind them....
 See the results here.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Summer Series Starts again!

Nice start to the summer series with 5 boats on the water. See the results

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cape Town Boat Show!

R40 for card carrying club members! 

Full details here....

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Racing Results

Sailing results shown here....
Note the winter series final is not shown yet as the discards haven't been applied. Mark will advise in due course.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Racing

This past Sunday included Faraway, Moutte, Megafreight and Quest. Light and variable winds, unsettled sea. Faraway made the most of them with her tall rig and long hull, and basically disappeared, leaving an interesting tussle between Mouette and Megafreight. Quest was spinning around in circles with no wind to keep her moving.

The final results showed Mouette far ahead of the fleet on corrected time, followed by Faraway and Megafreight. Quest retired in order to join the rest in the bar. nice to be on the water but not the best conditions!

Detailed results here.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Winter Series Results

Apologies for not posting these all sooner. Following are the racing results for the 2013 Winter Series to date:

2013 April 28
2013 June 30
2013 June 23
2013 June 16
2013 June 09
2013 July 21

(The link will open a Word file at the bottom of your screen)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

JML-3 at Lipton!

Just in from Sam: The Pride of Hout Bay skippered by Theo Yon seen sailing in on their L26 after the first day of racing in this years Lipton cup being sailed off shore in Durban.

They are currently lying in 6th place against the finest teams from all around the country, and have been described as the team sailing with the most heart by the organisers. Theo Yon has been a long time sailor for Hout Bay and is actively involved in the training in the HBYC junior program. He has recently obtained his Yachtmaster (off shore) qualification and is working hard to be included in the Cape to Rio race at the end of the year.

Monday, July 8, 2013

JML-3 at MSC Sailing Week!

Great news in from Sam on JML-3 at MSC Sailing Week in Durbs, see it here!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Red Button WiFi Service at the Club

In order to improve and update our Wi-Fi facilities for members, we have just upgraded our Red Button Wi-Fi Hotspot Service.  The new service offers features which we feel will bring benefit to members of the Club and the Gym.  The intention is that members will be able to work with their email and perform some basic browsing / Whatsapp / BBM type / Wind Guru / UGrib weather forecasting and similar communications while enjoying a coffee or drink at the bar.  We are not intending that users perform huge downloads (eg. video files) as this is something which should be done and paid for at home, although there is a facility to enable this if you are prepared to pay the top-up fees.  See below for further explanations.

The details of this offering are as follows: 
  •        The Telkom link is now running at 1MB, a faster speed than the previous 384kB 
  •        Each user can log on for free to the Wi-Fi service 
  •        Each user is allocated up to 50Mbytes free Internet usage per day 
  •        For users who want to use more than 50Mbytes, they can top up at a rate of 15c/Mbyte (that’s R150/Gbyte) 
  •        Any top-up is purchased on-line, using your credit card 
  •        Note that the top-up rate is now 15c/MByte, a discount from the previous 25c/MByte

Just a note for awareness sake - the Telkom lines in Hout Bay are currently suffering from high contention ratios.  In simple terms, this means that the Telkom link to the Internet is shared by many other users in Hout Bay – and although we now have a 1MB link to Telkom, the speed of the service may be affected at different times of the day, dependent on how many other Hout Bay users are using the Internet.  So while our Hout Bay Yacht Club link has a perfectly adequate speed for its intended use, its performance might be degraded from time to time due to capacity challenges at Telkom.

We would appreciate your feedback on your experience of the service so please feel free to drop comments in the suggestion box or send an email to Anne at the office (  We will continue to monitor the performance of the service over the coming months to review what usage it receives and confirm the suitability of the service.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

HBYC Youth Sailing team came second in the PnPay Regatta

Sam and his merry team - big smiles! 
Well done guys!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

HBYC Trivia night!

A good crowd turned out for a recent pub quiz at the HBYC! 
Thanks to Richard Evans for this pic!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Auction of Marina Berths

The Club is offering four marina berths for auction. See the "For Sale" menu item for details.

Juniors working on JML3

This is our L26, kindly sponsored by Jewish Maritime League, getting some TLC in the club boatyard.Thats Richard Evans on the right, our new RC for Youth Sailing. And if I'm not mistaken that his Dad's crane, courtesy Circe Launches. I think this is the prep stage for the next Lipton Campaign....

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Two Ronnies Stranded at Sea!

Some nautical amusement if you have access to YouTube! Click here.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Welcome home to Ken, Audrey and Fast Forward!!!

Thanks to Roy McBride, always on hand to capture events 
in the marina with his trusty Canon G11.

Ten years away, and a circumnavigation! What a story! Anyway they are back now, right here in the marina, tied up quite close to where they used to be in 2003. They tied up yesterday morning about 10:30 I believe.

No doubt there will be plenty of news as they get time to give interviews etc, and I hope someone persuades them to do a slideshow for us!

By the way, this is one hell of a boat - its a Phil Southwell design - about 62', made in Aluminium, supremenly well equipped. Its for sale too, about 750k AUD I think, that's about R6,7 bar so, see it here.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Art and the Conservation of our Coastal Wealth

THURSDAY 23 MAY at 7pm

A presentation and talk by

KEVIN STANLEY International Impressionist artist in oils on canvas, with a display of his signature 'skyscapes' of the Coast and the Karoo.

AMIR REZAEI Marine Biologist with a special interest and knowledge of our rich Coastal Floral Kingdom and the hidden value in its conservation


Call Penny on 073 6111 444

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Satphones: Iridium or Inmarsat?

Have you ever wondered which is better? See a good summary here.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sheer Tenacity is barrelling along through the Pacific now!

See the latest from Rod and Mary, having the sail of their lives as they fly across the Pacific, on a leg of about 4500 n.m.!   Their blog is here.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sun, Sea, Sky and - uh - a piece of rock......

Click for full size. 
Taken with a Samsung S3 at about 
18:25 on Tuesday 23 April 2013.

Winter Opening Cruise

Savannah, Nandi and  Megafreight
HBYC Youth Sailors, that's a first!
Faraway was really in the spirit of it all!
Future members in training!

It was a perfect day to be on the water, and fantastic to see the young-uns out in the dinghies! Very social at the club too.

See the rest of the pics in the gallery or here:

The Summer Series results were announced too, as follows:


Faraway No 3
Aries JML 3
Megafreight No 3

Monday, April 15, 2013

"Sheer Tenacity" now in the Galapagos!

Rod and Mary are now in the Galapagos, having transited Panama, and "living the dream"! There blog is a must for any would be cruisers, or armchair cruisers. See it at

Did you Galapagos was Spanish for "Giant Tortoise"! also known as Darwin's Island?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"The Road" arrives in Rodrigues

News just in from Taffy and Shirley onboard "The Road":

Well we made it!!!! The ROAD and crew are safely tied up to the dock in in Rodrigues. 28 days with at least 1000 miles of motoring - no wind, storms, huge seas - we had it all!! Just need time to have some sleep and get our landlubber legs back. Taffy and Shirley with Rubbish the African Grey Parrot hanging by.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Vessel Safety and COF Procedure

Please note the Safety Procedure and associated documents have been updated as of 8 April 2013. For convenience, all associated documents are available in the "Safety" Section in the menu list.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Committee for 2013

HBYC held the AGM last night, primarily to appoint the new office bearers for 2013. I wasn't there to get the details, but I understand the new committee is as follows:

Commodore: Keith Gemmell (previously the safety officer)
Vice Commodore: Sam Legatt (previously RC Beach Sailing)
Treasurer: Rob Browne (previously treasurer, several times!)
Marina: Charles Moody
RC Sailing: Mark Hainsworth (again)
RC Youth Sailing: Richard Evans
Social: Penny Geyser (again)

Special thanks to the outgoing committee, especially Chris Sutton, Jeremy Nel, Pat West and Rob Browne, who between them have more years of service to the club than most of us could count! Certainly they will be remembered for their tireless service, integrity, and for looking after the diverse needs of all our members. May they enjoy some hard-earned rest! Thanks also to Anne and Alan, who actually run the place!

All the best to the new committee!

Website details for the new committee will be updated in a day or two. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

All the thrills and spills from last night's sailing!

It was wild and wet......somewhere ..... maybe at Cape Horn but not here! The fleet drifts around powered by the tide and maybe some wishful thinking....

Thanks to Penny Geyser who snapped these from the Chappies road (I think). Hope you didn't spill your champagne Penny!

Wednesday Sailing

Wind a bit too light, course was shortened to just 1 leg, which took over an hour - during which boats were running around in circles. Quest and Faraway DNF'ed off straight to the pub. 

I don't have the numbers yet, but from memory the results were:
1 Megafreight
2 Nandi
3 Savannah
4 JML-3

Afterwards, a brief keelboat AGM was held, at which I am pleased to advise Mark Hainsworth graciously accepted a second term in the role. Many thanks Mark!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Alan's new boat.....

This morning I had the most unexpected pleasure of being shown over Alan Harrington's new boat.  I simply don't have a suitable term to summarize my impression of this boat - common superlatives don't do justice to this thing! It simply is the most impressive boat I have ever been on  - being a fantastic combination of nautical design, workmanship and technology you are ever likely to find! Set in the backdrop of the V&A Marina did no harm either.

Besides the great design-concept and fantastic workmanship on this boat, the input from Alan has also been outstanding. Alan is a very hands-on boat building client, and clearly gave tremendous input to the build. This is not his first build, and his ability to conceptualize and research the whole process is more than impressive. It shows in all the systems and detailing - from the running rigging, the winches, through to the electrical systems, electronics and recreational gear. This boat is showcase for all the contractors involved - its a one-boat boatshow if you ask me, and a dam fine one at that!

I haven't mentioned the Nexus guys yet, Roger, Jonathan and Mark Paarman (the surfing lot), plus John Henrick. They are an amazing team, some were onboard today, and really good guys. Alan has had a great time working with them, and it shows in the relationships, the attitudes, and ultimately the karma of this boat. After all, building a boat is half the fun (alternatively all the stress) - it is critical to work with the best guys. It shows clearly in the couple of hours I spent on the boat.

For more on Nexus cats see 

Oh by the way, the boat is a Nexus 600, I think the name is "Te Kane" - was that right Al?

Some pics from my cellphone. This doesn't show half the space in the backyard - that's what it is - huge. If they moved the furniture you could almost go jogging in this department. Ample seating, good high quality drop blinds all around if you want them, hot and cold water outdoor showers... ideal for the tropics, diving, partying and general chilling..... the feel is quality, ample, appropriate but suitably unflashy. Quite an achievement to get so much value into one space without any bling.... 
Note the raised helm position behind the cabin top - sorry I didn't get a pic of that, I was a bit distracted, maybe.... but it is simple, well equipped, comfortable and well positioned. And out of the way.... the hatches upfront cover the anchor and chain lockers, ample and accessible. Two 50Kg anchors (CQRs or Bruces I think they are), plus a good 100m of chain, on electrical windlasses controlled from the helm. Winches are size 60, mostly electrical. The mainsail has a modified stackpack, falling neatly into a broad tray you could walk on. Simple and effective. Halyards all made of this new kind of spectra which name I forget. The kit is all top-notch.
The tender is a neat little RIB with a 60 Hp Suzuki 4-stroke, and a centre console. RIBs are another one Alan's passions so don't expect anything less. The davit system works via a neat process on an electrical winch. Job done... Nice gas braai on this side, and a very nice nylon-based fish cleaning station on the other side. By the way, there is a spare ducky stowed up front with the anchors, and a 15Hp stowed below with the genset....
The galley - like a nice house. Full gas/electric stove, microwave above, cappuccino machine (critical item!!). Under the open lid is a dish-drying drain box with enclosed fan. There are about 3 freezers and four fridges on this boat. Another microwave thing on the other side. It all oozes quality. The wood finishing throughout the boat is bamboo, my personal favourite.... lots of ceiling hatches/ventilators/skylights. Some face forward, some face back.
Ha! the toyroom. here we have a flight simulator on par with the best, with every piece of marine electronics known to man, and then simplified into a few multifunction screens. Here you can take on the ferries through Gibraltar or the Solent, fully confident that you will see them well before they hit you. I'm not going to enumerate the items here, if you want to know whether it has x, y or z, the answer is yes! The ICOM M801E is a nice touch alongside the ICOM M603 VHF, alongside the satphone, alongside the rest.....mostly Furuno stuff. 

On the left hand side are the power control panels - here you can control all electrical systems on the boat in pictorial format. Think home-automation to the 95th power.... this is seriously cool stuff.
Some creature comforts. TV and a brilliant Bose sound system. In fact there is another sound system too, almost as good. But this boat is not about TVs and bling. Its for divers, fishermen, sea lovers, sailors, adventurers, and holidaymakers. Stay at home if TV's your thing. The TV is for when you happen to be in Monaco during the grand-prix I think. All cabins are well air-conditioned. There is  a laundry with superb washing machine and dryer. Watermaker and generous tankage. Hot and cold water, obviously. Lots of light and space, and great bedding and mattresses. Each cabin has marine instrumentation showing speeds, wind etc etc etc! There is a 19 KVA genset, mega battery bank, and 10 KVA inverters. Inmarsat digital comms. Two large calorifiers, powered by electricity or engine heat....lots of space around everything.
The saloon, chill-room and late night drinking station if its cold outside (another one outside). Upholstery is fine-leather by the way.

Beyond what the piccies show, there is loads of stuff hidden away. Bilges, engine rooms, electrical boards, tanks, air conditioners, chain lockers etc etc. All of it is clean as a whistle, reeks of quality, and no hidden suprises that one finds in so many boats. Its clean and painted, and you get the impression there is no space for yucky stuff like dirt, creepies and stinky things. No panels in this boat - inside Alan had the GRP coated, stippled and painted clean white. Transparency rules. Unpretentious, simple, and clean forever. BIG YES.

Can it sail? I believe these boats sail well, but haven't experienced it yet. It sure looks the part.  The rigging is large and realistic looking. It has a nice easily-reefable main, large genoa, assym spinnaker and a code-zero. Did I mention two huge engines, about 100 Hp each. Generous diesel tankage (was it 2200 litres?). Its a mobile boat. They can really move. 22 knots is possible, in practice you will average well over ten knots...but you will wish the journey could last forever!

Accommodation. Yes, plenty, all with ensuite facilities etc etc. Obviously. Its like a dam good house in that respect. 

How much does it cost. Um yes. But its worth it - just find the money or syndicate it. Or contact Alan for a charter! 

Just as we were leaving - i.e. Chris Sutton and I, Alan pops up with six bottles of fine wine from their estate for the two of us - the Graceland brand - how much better can it get?! See for more about this! Thanks Alan for a great day!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Faraway takes honours this time...

This is what it looks like from Roy McBride's house, thanks for the pic Roy!

Faraway had just come back this day from Cape Town, having her sail-drive fixed and a good scrub to go with it. They had a nice Northwester to boot, so everything in their favour. They started well and flew around the course to take a comfortable lead, well done to them! Quest retired unfortunately - the battery had gone down during the week so no running lights, and sunset is getting earlier and earlier......

Great atmosphere at the club afterwards.

Faraway No 3  Chris Sutton  1.112  1    19:13:40   1.000  4915
Megafreight No 3  Jendo Ocenasek 1.075  2    19:16:50  2.000  4956
Aquamania  Tojan Winterbach   1.000  3  19:23:30  3.000  5010
Aries JML 3 Theo Yon   0.965  4  19:30:30  4.000   5240
Savannah  Keith Gemmell   0.910  5   19:39:20   5.000   5424
Quest  Justin Phillips    0.840  6   DNF    DNF  7.000
Nandi Nick Fairley    1.005  7    DNS   DNS  8.000

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


See this update on piracy in the Indian ocean from the Ocean Cruising Club.
Despite some good interventions by various navies etc, it's still a horrible mess......
Thanks to Roy McBride (our OCC Port Officer) for passing this on.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another great Wednesday race!

With Faraway in Cape Town, Savannah missing (temporarily), and apologies from Quest, it was great that we had Megafreight, JML-3, and Nandi on the water. And later we found out Zig-Zad sailed the race too, just that the race office wasn't aware! Apologies to them, and also a great welcome, I hope they come back next week! There was a great braai at the club afterwards.

Provisional results with elapsed times, (thanks to Keith for being race officer)

  1. JML-3 (again) 55:18,4
  2. Megafreight  54:21,0
  3. Nandi  59.55,2
  4. Zig Zag (unscored)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rock and Roll is alive and well.....

What a party! To see the rest, click here!

Many thanks to Penny, and all who helped to make this a great success. The band was excellent, the weather was great, and the club staff worked very hard to keep it all going! Well done to all!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rock 'n Roll Party!


Mel makes a welcome return and his 3 piece band is guaranteed to give us a night of great old fashioned rock n’roll! Tickets are R 60 p.p. and can be purchased from the Bar or the Office. The galley will be offering a number of specials throughout the evening.

History in the making. 
This is from the previous "Mexican" Party!
More than cheerful! Be there!

More mid-week sailing!

Actually I did get a pic of last nights sailing, but it's in my old Nokia phone which I can't find right now. This is  a nice pic from 2009, which I use now and then when I can't find anything better.

Conditions were very light, but actually enough to move the boats around the course to do three triangles of the inner marks. Faraway was in Cape Town having her saildrive repaired, and Quest wasn't available either. That left Megs, Nandi, JML3, Aquamaniac and Savannah to sail.

In fact it was a very interesting race to watch. The suprise was Aquamaniac, who moved right up to the front of the fleet (ahead of Megafreight) on one occasion, and finished a clear leader on handicap. Nandi moved well in the light airs, and I thought Savannah was actually going well in the light airs, which is not her forte.

Provisional results:
1 Aquamaniac
2 Megafreight
3 Nandi
4 JML-3
5 Savannah

Monday, February 4, 2013

HBYC Development Sailors shine in the Fling!

Theo is the one with the white shirt and huge grin!

HBYC's Development Sailors triumph again! Well done to JML-3, Theo and crew!
Overall a strong 2nd in Div-2 in the RCYC Fling regatta (13 boats).
JML3 results where 3rd, 1st and 2nd for a total of 6 points.
Viva JML-3 and HBYC!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Savannah triumphs!

Savannah under Chappies.

The above pic is actually from last weeks racing! I missed this Wed unfortunately, so last weeks pic will do. Conditions were fresh and only three boats braved the conditions, viz Faraway, Nandi and Savannah. Well done to them all. Keith has been waiting quite a while for these conditions, and Savannah lived up to her reputation to record a handsome win on handicap. Well done to Keith and crew!

Results for last night, and in fact last week, follow below:

Race    7     Start Time      23-Jan-13   18:00:00             
Coarse  d-c-d-c-o-d-c-d-h         Race Officer  Mark Hainsworth
Wind  SE       Speed       18
Sea  1m sw swell
Megafreight No 3   Jendo Ocenasek   1.075  1    19:26:30   1.000   5579
Faraway No 3  Chris Sutton   1.112  2   19:27:30   2.000   5838
Aquamania  Tojan Winterbach   1.000  3   19:41:00  3.000   6060
Quest Justin Phillips  0.840   4   20:22:20  4.000  7174
Savannah Keith Gemmell  0.910   5   20:11:30   5.000  7180

Race  8 Start Time                30-Jan-13   18:00:00             
Coarse d=c=c=d=c=d=c=d=h          Race Officer  Mark Hainsworth
Wind  SE  Speed        28
Sea .5 m SW swell
Savannah  Keith Gemmell         0.910 1 30-Jan-13    19:16:30   1.000       4177
Faraway No 3 Chris Sutton       1.112 2 30-Jan-13    19:03:30   2.000       4237
Nandi  Nick Fairley                  1.005 3 30-Jan-13    19:20:00   3.000       4824

Friday, January 25, 2013

Radio License Renewals

As mentioned in recent email to all club members, today Friday 25 Jan 2013 is D-Day for renewing your Marine Ship Stations Licenses. I have heard ICASA may be able to accept applications for another few days, but this is not official.

The process is as follows:

1. Complete Form B (I have attached a Word Format example with my own details in, highlighted in yellow, as an example, here). You must amend all the parts I have highlighted in yellow with your own details, but do not change the structure of this form in any way, and do not sign this form yet! You sign at the Commissioner's Desk.
2. Go to local SAPS (or Commissioner of Oaths) and get it certified, they will want you to sign the last page in front of them. Take your ID  book. This is suprisingly easy.
3. Find your current radio license. Mark it with a pencil clearly as "Annexure A to Form B".
4. Scan all of Form B, plus your radio license into a PDF file. 
5. Email the PDF file to ''. Set "Read Receipt" and "Delivery Confirmation" on your email.

Hope for the best. Good luck.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What has become of the old HBYC Clubhouse?

You just won't believe it unless you see it. 
See it here on Roy's Blog.....   

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another nice Wednesday!

 Last sail glides in from Vulcan at 19:56, mountains glowing orange.....
Meanwhile, the early retirees from the race had meat on the braai and cold beers all round....

It was a case of no wind in the bay, perhaps a bit outside the bay. We tried for Vulcan, still very light. Quest retired first, Megafreight not far behind, and chased back to the club. Immediately, of course, a fair wind came up from the North West, about 20kts!! The fleet raced to Vulcan and back in fine style, but again battled to get across the line in the bay. That's Hout Bay for you... However the scenery, weather and atmosphere were great - another nice day out!


Faraway No 3  Chris Sutton  1.112   1   16-Jan-13  19:40:00    1.000  5338
Aquamania  Tojan Winterbach   1.000   2   16-Jan-13  19:50:00    2.000  5400
Savannah   Keith Gemmell    0.910  3   16-Jan-13  20:04:00    3.000  5678
Nandi    Nick Fairley       1.005  4   16-Jan-13  20:05:00    4.000  6331
Quest     Justin Phillips    0.840   5   16-Jan-13   DNF   6.000
Megafreight No 3 Jendo Ocenasek   1.075   6   16-Jan-13   DNF   8.000