Thursday, January 31, 2013

Savannah triumphs!

Savannah under Chappies.

The above pic is actually from last weeks racing! I missed this Wed unfortunately, so last weeks pic will do. Conditions were fresh and only three boats braved the conditions, viz Faraway, Nandi and Savannah. Well done to them all. Keith has been waiting quite a while for these conditions, and Savannah lived up to her reputation to record a handsome win on handicap. Well done to Keith and crew!

Results for last night, and in fact last week, follow below:

Race    7     Start Time      23-Jan-13   18:00:00             
Coarse  d-c-d-c-o-d-c-d-h         Race Officer  Mark Hainsworth
Wind  SE       Speed       18
Sea  1m sw swell
Megafreight No 3   Jendo Ocenasek   1.075  1    19:26:30   1.000   5579
Faraway No 3  Chris Sutton   1.112  2   19:27:30   2.000   5838
Aquamania  Tojan Winterbach   1.000  3   19:41:00  3.000   6060
Quest Justin Phillips  0.840   4   20:22:20  4.000  7174
Savannah Keith Gemmell  0.910   5   20:11:30   5.000  7180

Race  8 Start Time                30-Jan-13   18:00:00             
Coarse d=c=c=d=c=d=c=d=h          Race Officer  Mark Hainsworth
Wind  SE  Speed        28
Sea .5 m SW swell
Savannah  Keith Gemmell         0.910 1 30-Jan-13    19:16:30   1.000       4177
Faraway No 3 Chris Sutton       1.112 2 30-Jan-13    19:03:30   2.000       4237
Nandi  Nick Fairley                  1.005 3 30-Jan-13    19:20:00   3.000       4824

Friday, January 25, 2013

Radio License Renewals

As mentioned in recent email to all club members, today Friday 25 Jan 2013 is D-Day for renewing your Marine Ship Stations Licenses. I have heard ICASA may be able to accept applications for another few days, but this is not official.

The process is as follows:

1. Complete Form B (I have attached a Word Format example with my own details in, highlighted in yellow, as an example, here). You must amend all the parts I have highlighted in yellow with your own details, but do not change the structure of this form in any way, and do not sign this form yet! You sign at the Commissioner's Desk.
2. Go to local SAPS (or Commissioner of Oaths) and get it certified, they will want you to sign the last page in front of them. Take your ID  book. This is suprisingly easy.
3. Find your current radio license. Mark it with a pencil clearly as "Annexure A to Form B".
4. Scan all of Form B, plus your radio license into a PDF file. 
5. Email the PDF file to ''. Set "Read Receipt" and "Delivery Confirmation" on your email.

Hope for the best. Good luck.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What has become of the old HBYC Clubhouse?

You just won't believe it unless you see it. 
See it here on Roy's Blog.....   

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another nice Wednesday!

 Last sail glides in from Vulcan at 19:56, mountains glowing orange.....
Meanwhile, the early retirees from the race had meat on the braai and cold beers all round....

It was a case of no wind in the bay, perhaps a bit outside the bay. We tried for Vulcan, still very light. Quest retired first, Megafreight not far behind, and chased back to the club. Immediately, of course, a fair wind came up from the North West, about 20kts!! The fleet raced to Vulcan and back in fine style, but again battled to get across the line in the bay. That's Hout Bay for you... However the scenery, weather and atmosphere were great - another nice day out!


Faraway No 3  Chris Sutton  1.112   1   16-Jan-13  19:40:00    1.000  5338
Aquamania  Tojan Winterbach   1.000   2   16-Jan-13  19:50:00    2.000  5400
Savannah   Keith Gemmell    0.910  3   16-Jan-13  20:04:00    3.000  5678
Nandi    Nick Fairley       1.005  4   16-Jan-13  20:05:00    4.000  6331
Quest     Justin Phillips    0.840   5   16-Jan-13   DNF   6.000
Megafreight No 3 Jendo Ocenasek   1.075   6   16-Jan-13   DNF   8.000

Monday, January 14, 2013

Rotary Scout takes honours in the Governors Cup!

 Sean Barker (1st from left) and Mike Hardy (Michel) (2nd from right)
 Sean Barker (3rd from right) and Mike Hardy (Michel) (2nd from right)

Rotary Scout sailed a cracking race in the recent Governors Cup - to take first place in the Cruising Rally Division. In fact they were well up with the lead monohulls, not bad for an ageing Tosca 39! 

On board were Sean and Michel who have been part of the HBYC Junior Sailing Program, having crewed recently on our JML-3 Lipton Chalelnge. Congrats to them for a great race!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Wednesday Sailing starts again.....

Actually this pic is a holiday snap taken over Christmas because the weather was just pretty damn awful last night. I didn't have any other pics and I know people don't read posts without pics!

Thank heavens for the pub! The weather was so foul last night that racing was more or less abandoned. In a rare show of genius I managed to avoid going out in the rain and getting drenched with the rest of them. But in fact four of our intrepid voyagers went out in the rain - Megafreight, Savannah, Faraway and Nandi. Faraway and Savannah both claimed to have finished - we gave them each a bottle of wine as a prize, while Nandi and Megafreight each received some wine more or less to revive them. Technically we suspect Faraway must have won the race, and Savannah notched up a very creditable second place, they were very happy with a podium finish. 

An hour later all was well in the clubhouse, not much that cant be fixed with some good wine and a braai! Come back South-Easter, all is forgiven.......