Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another nice Wednesday!

 Last sail glides in from Vulcan at 19:56, mountains glowing orange.....
Meanwhile, the early retirees from the race had meat on the braai and cold beers all round....

It was a case of no wind in the bay, perhaps a bit outside the bay. We tried for Vulcan, still very light. Quest retired first, Megafreight not far behind, and chased back to the club. Immediately, of course, a fair wind came up from the North West, about 20kts!! The fleet raced to Vulcan and back in fine style, but again battled to get across the line in the bay. That's Hout Bay for you... However the scenery, weather and atmosphere were great - another nice day out!


Faraway No 3  Chris Sutton  1.112   1   16-Jan-13  19:40:00    1.000  5338
Aquamania  Tojan Winterbach   1.000   2   16-Jan-13  19:50:00    2.000  5400
Savannah   Keith Gemmell    0.910  3   16-Jan-13  20:04:00    3.000  5678
Nandi    Nick Fairley       1.005  4   16-Jan-13  20:05:00    4.000  6331
Quest     Justin Phillips    0.840   5   16-Jan-13   DNF   6.000
Megafreight No 3 Jendo Ocenasek   1.075   6   16-Jan-13   DNF   8.000