Friday, January 25, 2013

Radio License Renewals

As mentioned in recent email to all club members, today Friday 25 Jan 2013 is D-Day for renewing your Marine Ship Stations Licenses. I have heard ICASA may be able to accept applications for another few days, but this is not official.

The process is as follows:

1. Complete Form B (I have attached a Word Format example with my own details in, highlighted in yellow, as an example, here). You must amend all the parts I have highlighted in yellow with your own details, but do not change the structure of this form in any way, and do not sign this form yet! You sign at the Commissioner's Desk.
2. Go to local SAPS (or Commissioner of Oaths) and get it certified, they will want you to sign the last page in front of them. Take your ID  book. This is suprisingly easy.
3. Find your current radio license. Mark it with a pencil clearly as "Annexure A to Form B".
4. Scan all of Form B, plus your radio license into a PDF file. 
5. Email the PDF file to ''. Set "Read Receipt" and "Delivery Confirmation" on your email.

Hope for the best. Good luck.