Thursday, February 28, 2013

Faraway takes honours this time...

This is what it looks like from Roy McBride's house, thanks for the pic Roy!

Faraway had just come back this day from Cape Town, having her sail-drive fixed and a good scrub to go with it. They had a nice Northwester to boot, so everything in their favour. They started well and flew around the course to take a comfortable lead, well done to them! Quest retired unfortunately - the battery had gone down during the week so no running lights, and sunset is getting earlier and earlier......

Great atmosphere at the club afterwards.

Faraway No 3  Chris Sutton  1.112  1    19:13:40   1.000  4915
Megafreight No 3  Jendo Ocenasek 1.075  2    19:16:50  2.000  4956
Aquamania  Tojan Winterbach   1.000  3  19:23:30  3.000  5010
Aries JML 3 Theo Yon   0.965  4  19:30:30  4.000   5240
Savannah  Keith Gemmell   0.910  5   19:39:20   5.000   5424
Quest  Justin Phillips    0.840  6   DNF    DNF  7.000
Nandi Nick Fairley    1.005  7    DNS   DNS  8.000

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


See this update on piracy in the Indian ocean from the Ocean Cruising Club.
Despite some good interventions by various navies etc, it's still a horrible mess......
Thanks to Roy McBride (our OCC Port Officer) for passing this on.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another great Wednesday race!

With Faraway in Cape Town, Savannah missing (temporarily), and apologies from Quest, it was great that we had Megafreight, JML-3, and Nandi on the water. And later we found out Zig-Zad sailed the race too, just that the race office wasn't aware! Apologies to them, and also a great welcome, I hope they come back next week! There was a great braai at the club afterwards.

Provisional results with elapsed times, (thanks to Keith for being race officer)

  1. JML-3 (again) 55:18,4
  2. Megafreight  54:21,0
  3. Nandi  59.55,2
  4. Zig Zag (unscored)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rock and Roll is alive and well.....

What a party! To see the rest, click here!

Many thanks to Penny, and all who helped to make this a great success. The band was excellent, the weather was great, and the club staff worked very hard to keep it all going! Well done to all!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rock 'n Roll Party!


Mel makes a welcome return and his 3 piece band is guaranteed to give us a night of great old fashioned rock n’roll! Tickets are R 60 p.p. and can be purchased from the Bar or the Office. The galley will be offering a number of specials throughout the evening.

History in the making. 
This is from the previous "Mexican" Party!
More than cheerful! Be there!

More mid-week sailing!

Actually I did get a pic of last nights sailing, but it's in my old Nokia phone which I can't find right now. This is  a nice pic from 2009, which I use now and then when I can't find anything better.

Conditions were very light, but actually enough to move the boats around the course to do three triangles of the inner marks. Faraway was in Cape Town having her saildrive repaired, and Quest wasn't available either. That left Megs, Nandi, JML3, Aquamaniac and Savannah to sail.

In fact it was a very interesting race to watch. The suprise was Aquamaniac, who moved right up to the front of the fleet (ahead of Megafreight) on one occasion, and finished a clear leader on handicap. Nandi moved well in the light airs, and I thought Savannah was actually going well in the light airs, which is not her forte.

Provisional results:
1 Aquamaniac
2 Megafreight
3 Nandi
4 JML-3
5 Savannah

Monday, February 4, 2013

HBYC Development Sailors shine in the Fling!

Theo is the one with the white shirt and huge grin!

HBYC's Development Sailors triumph again! Well done to JML-3, Theo and crew!
Overall a strong 2nd in Div-2 in the RCYC Fling regatta (13 boats).
JML3 results where 3rd, 1st and 2nd for a total of 6 points.
Viva JML-3 and HBYC!!!