Thursday, February 14, 2013

More mid-week sailing!

Actually I did get a pic of last nights sailing, but it's in my old Nokia phone which I can't find right now. This is  a nice pic from 2009, which I use now and then when I can't find anything better.

Conditions were very light, but actually enough to move the boats around the course to do three triangles of the inner marks. Faraway was in Cape Town having her saildrive repaired, and Quest wasn't available either. That left Megs, Nandi, JML3, Aquamaniac and Savannah to sail.

In fact it was a very interesting race to watch. The suprise was Aquamaniac, who moved right up to the front of the fleet (ahead of Megafreight) on one occasion, and finished a clear leader on handicap. Nandi moved well in the light airs, and I thought Savannah was actually going well in the light airs, which is not her forte.

Provisional results:
1 Aquamaniac
2 Megafreight
3 Nandi
4 JML-3
5 Savannah