Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Committee for 2013

HBYC held the AGM last night, primarily to appoint the new office bearers for 2013. I wasn't there to get the details, but I understand the new committee is as follows:

Commodore: Keith Gemmell (previously the safety officer)
Vice Commodore: Sam Legatt (previously RC Beach Sailing)
Treasurer: Rob Browne (previously treasurer, several times!)
Marina: Charles Moody
RC Sailing: Mark Hainsworth (again)
RC Youth Sailing: Richard Evans
Social: Penny Geyser (again)

Special thanks to the outgoing committee, especially Chris Sutton, Jeremy Nel, Pat West and Rob Browne, who between them have more years of service to the club than most of us could count! Certainly they will be remembered for their tireless service, integrity, and for looking after the diverse needs of all our members. May they enjoy some hard-earned rest! Thanks also to Anne and Alan, who actually run the place!

All the best to the new committee!

Website details for the new committee will be updated in a day or two.